The Men at Her Feet – Chp 41

Chapter 41: Giving A Helping Hand.

Now this is the normal him, the one just now was really abnormal… Princess QingLuan thought as she blsuhed at the handsome face near her face.

Fortunately, even though Fu SiNian teased her with words, he ended up respecting her wishes and took her to a secluded inn at the bottom of the mountain. When they reached the place, he helped her put on the gauze hat that he had prepared beforehand and lead her into the inn hand-in-hand.

When they entered the room, Princess QingLuan’s gaze landed on the bed but quickly shifting to the folding screen in the corner. She rushed over and began undressing, as she didn’t want this beautiful gown to be torn apart or dirtied, and secondly, a part of her hope that Fu SiNian would bed her quickly so she would not be too exhausted, as she did not want to fall off her horse during the afternoon session.

But her actions somewhat angered him, as it reminded him of the way she had wanted their intimate activities to end quickly like the previous time.

Fu SiNian strode to the bed and narrowed his eyes at the folding screen, “Princess, why are you in such a rush? Are you really so thirsty for my thing?”

Her face flushed bright scarlet as her hands, which were stripping off her clothes, froze at his words. The Fu SiNian she knew had returned, and it apparently he does not approve of her current actions. She considered the thought for a second before once again putting on her gown.

He sighed as he wondered why he fell in love with such a dense woman, he stared as her smooth shoulders were slowly covered by the gown. Unable to control his needs any longer, he strode over to the folding screen and easily lifting her up before carrying her to the bed.

“Princess, are you going back on your words by putting back on the stripped gown?” He asked deeply as his well-trained hands peeled off her gown in seconds, “Or are you testing my limits and control?”

She whimpered at his actions and struggled against his grasp as she tried to save the remaining gown, “Minister Fu, please don’t tear my gown, I can strip myself for you…” But her cries were in vain as he tore off the remaining cloth from her body.

He laid her onto the bed, gazing hungrily at her slender body as she tried to cover her crucial parts with her hands. Her skin was as smooth as usual, and her hair as silky. Her face was bright scarlet and her eyes were downcast as she did not dare to look into Fu SiNian’s hungry eyes.

He reached out his hands and grabbed onto hers, pushing them away and revealing her twin mountains and her pinkish softness.

“Princess, please do not hide such a beautiful view from me,” He growled huskily as he hungrily took in the perfect scenery standing in front of him, “And this one would like to understand you deeper, please do enlighten me about yourself.”

Princess QingLuan, who was once again speechless from his words, froze on the spot as she felt her face grow warmer. She felt his palms on her skin, his roughen callouses trailing through her body, leaving behind gentle tingles everywhere it went. She trembled slightly and felt something damp flowing down her inner thighs as the rough fingers landed on her waist.

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