The Men at Her Feet – Chp 42

Chapter 42: Disturbance In Peace.

Fu SiNian stared fondly at the woman beneath him, her face red from all the teasing.

He clenched his fists tightly and contained his beastly urges as he leaned towards her neck, kissing and nibbling her. Not long after, love marks should be seen all throughout her neck to her chest and abdomen area.

Princess QingLuan kept her eyes half-shut as she moaned in pleasure.

Fu SiNian, upon hearing her alluring moans, could no longer contain himself. He grabbed her by the legs and spread them apart. Her luscious dew-filled lips flapped and revealed her agape softness.

He held his hardness with one hand and slowly inserted himself into her, but this time, he did not take her like he usually do, instead, he started spinning his hardness in circles, the tip hitting every untouched walls of hers.

Princess QingLuan, who was used to men going straight into thrusting, cried out in shock from his teasing. Her body was unusually hot, her skin numb and tingling. She squirmed against him as he held her down by the waist, locking her in place.

Princess QingLuan, seeing that there’s no escape from this, whimpered weakly as she squirmed ever so softly against him.

Fu SiNian, noticing that she had fully succumbed to the pleasure, leaned his torso against her and moved wildly with inconsistent speeds. In mere moments, no longer able to control her moans, Princess QingLuan cried out in loud shrieks, as she felt her mind jumbling up from his hardness ramming into her.

“M…minister Fu… S…softer…” She gasped between her cries, “I c…cannot… Ahh~”

Ignoring her cries, he continued ramming her, sometimes reaching her deepest part, sometimes hitting different places around her walls.

Her body went numb as she felt a tight grasp in her abdomen, her walls tightened up and her eyes rolled backwards as she felt a huge wave crashed over her.

Fu SiNian’s brows furrowed together in a knot as her warm walls tightened up nicely around him, he rammed a final thrust into her deepest part and released all of his love into her.

She laid weakly in his arms as he hugged her tightly, gently stealing kisses from her.

Bang bang bang! The door sounded with loud knocks.

“Get lost!” Fu SiNian howled angrily at the door.

“Sir, this little one is so sorry for disturbing!” The voice outside said with a shaky voice, “Some nobles came and your… love for the lady… had disturbed their peace!”

Before waiting for the innkeeper to finish his explanations, Fu SiNian opened his door in a rage and threw a bag of gold coins towards him, “Take this bag of gold and kick the others out! I will book the whole inn today!”

Seeing the bag of gold, the innkeeper smiled happily as he ran off towards the other room.

Fu SiNian returned to the bed slowly, enjoying the view of the woman he love, half hidden under the sheets. He grabbed the sheets off her and began landing passionate kisses all throughout her.

Bang bang bang! The horrible knocking sounded again from the door.

Fu SiNian, whose hardness had already woken up to another round of exercise, fumed in rage as he opened his door and glared at the innkeeper.

“What is it again? Have I not given you enough money?” He asked angrily.

“Sir please have mercy on me! But this little one tried to negotiate with the other noble.” He said weakly, trembling from fear, “I even offered them the whole bag of coins but they refused and instead, gave me another two bags of coins to be given to you…”

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