The Men at Her Feet – Chp 45

Chapter 45: To Fool Around In Flowers And Bushes.

As soon as they left the noodle booth, You HanGuang grabbed her by the waist and pulled her towards him, “Princess~ Are you hungry? Shall this one satisfy your hunger?” He whispered deeply into her ear as her face flushed bright scarlet in respond.

Did god create this man specifically just to tease me? She thought angrily as she stepped down hard on his feet and pushed him away as he hopped around in pain on one foot.

“Princess, please forgive me~ This one knows how to cook, follow me~” He said with a serious look on his face and he held on tightly to her hands, preventing her from leaving.

They walked towards a handsome looking horse and he lifted her up by the waist and placed her on the horse before jumping onto the same horse himself.

“You HanGuang! Why is there only one horse? Didn’t you invite me out for a horse riding session?” Prince QingLuan, who was now leaning against You HanGuang’s chest, asked impatiently.

“Princess~ You can’t blame me for this~” He answered softly, eyes huge and wet as if he’d been wronged, “I have prepared a pedigree horse for you and unable to contain my excitement, I brought it over to your place but you’re not there so I had no choice but to search for you, only to see you having lunch with Minister Gu…”

“But then again, we don’t have much time left to retrieve your horse from your living quarters, let us just go to the plains and I’ll barbecue some delicious meat for you~” He said cheerfully as he clenched his legs around his horse and wrapped his arm around her waist to prevent her from falling off.

On the way to the plains, they noticed some wildlife and easily caught them with You HanGuang’s skills. After that, they even found an unattended nest on a nearby tree and managed to collect a few bird’s eggs.

Princess QingLuan was placed gently on a log when they reached their destination and told to stay put as he revealed his survival skills, surprising even her when he managed to set up a campfire within moments.

You HanGuang professionally cleaned the preys swiftly and wrapped the eggs in tree leaves before placing them on the campfire.

Princess QingLuan, who had been starving since, could barely control her drooling at the delicious scent flowing out of the food.

He chuckled cheerfully at her reaction as he grabbed a barbecue stick, blowing on it slightly to cool it down before offering it to her. She grabbed the meat with gratitude and took a big bite.

It’s delicious! She thought as she devoured the meat in seconds, I’ll admit that this man has his own charms~

She stared intently at him, scanning through his features thoroughly. His skin is somehow paler than the normal men she usually saw, and this somewhat enhanced his sharp facial features, especially those lush lips that are naturally red. But though he was beautiful, not a speck of feminine aura could be felt from him. Those large and dominating eyes were filled with slyness and pride, but his eyes would always become warm and enthusiastic whenever they landed on her.

Princess QingLuan felt hot, but she wasn’t sure if it was the campfire near her or if it was from his intense gaze. She felt her face warming up like a cooked prawn and she quickly fanned her face, embarrassed.

As expected of my princess, still so gentle and elegant even when she’s eating barbecue meat in the wild~ He thought as he watched her gobbled down the food while fanning her face, How I wish I can gobble her down and keep her with me forever~

As they finished their meal, You HanGuang stood up immediately while holding onto her arm, “Come, princess, let us go for a ride to digest our meal~” He said cheerfully as he lifted her up onto his horse together with him and racing off quickly.

Princess QingLuan, who was used to this impulsive man and knowing that there was nothing she could do, leaned her back comfortably against his chest and rested as he lead the horse.

She opened her eyes when she felt the horse coming to a stop, immediately staring at her surroundings, realizing that he had brought her to a glen. The place was absolutely stunning and colorful, wild unknown flowers were all over the place and the flowing stream were as clear as glass.

And in the middle of the glen was an ancient tree, its bark loomed tall and its branches touching the clouds.

“Come, my princess~” He said as he carried her down the horse, leading her towards the ancient tree, “This was the place I’ve always wanted to share with you~”

She looked up at the tree, amazement filling her entire face. Different types of birds were hovering and standing on the tree while chirping and singing.

Princess QingLuan stood still, enjoying the warmth of the sun and the shade of the ancient tree, the birds sounded like angels singing to her. She could feel the stress leaving her body and her soul healing from the sound of nature.

She turned her grateful gaze onto You HanGuang, wanting to praise him, but staring at him in shock as he handsomely stuck a flower into her hair, “My princess, do you like this place?” He whispered deeply, his voice filled with love and adoration, “Isn’t this flower field the perfect place to fool around in flowers and bushes~?”
(TNote: The word the author used was “拈花惹草”, this means to fool around with different women/men. But 花 means flowers and 草means grass so I guess the author used this fitting idiom to make it a pun game ;w;)

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