The Men at Her Feet – Chp 46

Chapter 46: Unrestrained In Nature.

She ran as soon as she heard his words, but failing as he grabbed her waist immediately and pulled her towards his arms. He wrapped his huge rabbit fur coat around her, chuckling at her bright scarlet face as she gazed at him with watery eyes.

Pushing her towards the ancient tree bark, he leaned his face down and landed a wet kiss on her pinkish lips.

His licked her lips with his warm tongue and entered her mouth vigorously as she flinched from his teasing. He tasted each and every part of her mouth slowly, curling her tongue on his and he drank her sweet saliva. His curious hands entered her clothes through the collarbone as he caressed her smooth skin with his calloused-filled fingers.

Princess QingLuan could only whimper and moan in respond to his sudden attack, her body burned whenever his fingers passed through.

You HanGuang’s eyes flickered at her reaction and without her noticing, he began kissing her neck while slowly moving to her narrow shoulders.

Her eyes were in a daze from the pleasure and she felt somewhat dizzy from his touch. But her mind cleared up immediately as she felt his palms on his twin mountains, “You HanGuang! Not in this place!” She cried out loudly as she tried to push his hands away from her.

“Why not? This is a very secluded place, no one else will come here~” He muttered deeply into her ear, “This is the best location for an outdoor activity~”

Not giving her another chance to retort him, he continued devouring her skin, kissing and nibbling each and every part of her, as if she was a delicacy.

Before this, Fu SiNian was the man who humiliated her the most as he bedded her in his carriage. But what she is feeling now is tenfold the humiliation she felt back then, this man is trying to bed her in PUBLIC, under the open sky!

Overwhelming fear filled through her as she struggled with all her might, screaming at him vulgarly, pushing him off and kicking away wildly, but none of it bothered him. Her reaction excites him and he held her down firmly, teasing her all the more violently.

She froze in horror when she felt his fingers entering her, all her struggling and screaming stopped all at once. His fingers moved in and out of her with speed and accuracy. Her legs trembled unsteadily even though her back was still leaning against the tree bark, she reached out her trembling hands and held onto his muscular shoulders firmly, steadying herself as she whimpered uncontrollably.

Her sweet nectar was gushing out of her furiously, pouring down his fingers and palm like a violent waterfall. He grinned cheekily as he reached out his palm and flicked her aroused red bean.

A shocking jolt when up her spine as she flinched away from his finger, her legs clamping down tightly around his hand, in hope of stopping him from targeting her reddened bud.

You HanGuang gazed at her happily, watching as she squirmed around shyly, but surely she wanted more, as she clamped up her legs to prevent his from removing his hand.

Realizing that his princess was requesting for more attention from him, he stretched out one arm and wrapped it around her waist, hugging her tightly as his fingers continued their hard work around her softness.

Princess QingLuan was trembling, both from his skills and from the fear of getting seen by others. Her fingers clutched onto the back of his shirt tightly as her head rested on his shoulders.

“Y…You HanGuang, I’m serious, please stop…” She gasped between her uncontrollable moans, her warm breath breathing onto his neck as she squirmed around, “We’ll surely be found out…”

Surprisingly, You HanGuang stopped teasing her as he gazed around, scanning their surroundings. The whole place was eerily silent, except for the occasional chirp, the sound of the river flowing endlessly nearby and the alluring gasp escaping from the woman’s slightly agape lips.

He grinned handsomely at her as he began undressing, “Do not worry, not a single soul is nearby~” He cooed softly as he landed a soft kiss on her lushed lips, “It’ll end quickly, be good, my baby girl~”

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  1. Does the 3 guys know that each of them are “sleeping” with her at the same time?. They seemed to have left evidence on her each time. Anyway, I thought olden days men are conservative and yet they seemed open to sharing her…

    1. Yup look like they don’t care following from their first night with her its like they make an agreement with each other as well as how they arranged the time to spend with her in her birthday without disturbing each other.

    2. They have a close relationship as they refer to themselves as brothers with Fu SiNian being the “senior brother” they might want the princess for themselves but don’t mind much the other two for now since well, they raped her together the first time but they are intolerant of “outsiders” like Gu QingChen being their rivals. As a spoiler, later those three they will be their own “camp”.

      1. No doubt this 3 rapists are the radish of the same field but they’re very open minded for sharing same women they love even though I don’t get your spoiler but after her bday I hope these 3 stop appearing forever or died I want more our 4th ml and childhood fiancé.

  2. Please dont overwork yourself translator-sama~ your health is much more important! Getting updates more than 3x a week is already a treat (at least for me) i hope you can rest more and get well soon! 😊

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