The Men at Her Feet – Chp 47

Chapter 47: Drowning In Bliss.

You HanGuang lifted her up by her thighs as he inserted himself gently between her legs, she struggled to push him away but to her dismay, this only caused him to tightened his grip on her. She cried out in pain as his beastly hardness forcefully spreading apart her walls and reaching her deepest parts. With tears in her eyes, she wrapped her arms tightly around his neck as her insides were penetrated to the brim, like as if she was the meat stuck on a barbecue stick.

You HanGuang landed a soft kiss on her forehead as he saw her pain, “Please relax, I don’t want to hurt you…”

How!? She screamed in her head, she was the epitome of stress and tension right now, terrified of being seen by strangers taking a walk in this dreamy place.

You HanGuang’s brows furrowed deeply as he was unable to move within her at all, she was too nervous, causing her insides to clamp onto him tightly.

He wrapped the fur coat around her body, hiding her from sight. He moved himself slightly as he softly pinched her puffed up cheeks, “Do not worry, baby girl, there’s no one here.” He cooed softly, “Cry out all you want, I’m listening~”

Hugged against his chest, Princess QingLuan bit her lips slightly, the enormous cloak and his body warmth comforted her soul. Her tension loosen up and he was able to move smoothly within her walls.

Noticing her reaction, he grinned as he picked up speed, ramming her like a starving beast while enjoying the wonderful music as her unrestrained moans filled the area.

He gazed down at her flushed face and the lingering tears at the end of her closed eyes. Her lush lips were wide agape and her alluring moans turned into weakened whimpered as he suckled onto her neck greedily.

Princess QingLuan was in a daze, her entire mind was blank and her fear left her entirely as the man continued his rough conquest, each thrust reaching deeply into her, hitting her cervix unendingly while soft nibbling her exposed neck. A sensation she could not describe filled her as her moans became jumbled and her eyes went unfocused.

You HanGuang, satisfied with her reaction, took this moment to grab on tightly to her waist as he assisted her movements, moving her body violently against his hardness, leaving her gasping for air as laid limply against his shoulders, her arms still wrapped around his neck.

Being connected so tightly together, inside and out, there was actually not much need for intensive thrusting, for slight trembles were already enough to send a thrill up their spines.

You HanGuang’s eyes deepened as he slowly devoured his princess. She was the best thing that had ever happened to him and he loved each and every part of her. If only we would merged into one, he sighed softly, Then we’ll be together forever.

Princess QingLuan, who was stimulated by being bedded in the wide open, gasped as the unknown feeling filled through her hot and tingling body. She trembled violently and she her nails dug deeply into his muscular back as her sweet nectar burst out of her swollen softness. He hugged her lovingly as he waited for her extreme climax to end, unwilling to leave her protective warm walls.

As You HanGuang waited, he suddenly lifted his head at the soft sound and narrowed his eyes intently at the bush nearby as a well-dressed young man appeared.

He was dressed fully in black, his eyes were deep in amusement and the edge of his lips were slightly upwards, as if he was smirking.

“Well, it seems that the two of you are people of bold temperament~” The man chuckled softly as You HanGuang glared at him dangerously.

Princess QingLuan, upon hearing the voice of a stranger, regained her conscious immediately as she flinched at his words. You HanGuang, feeling the tension in her body, wrapped the cloak tightly around her, preventing the man from even taking a peek at her.

“Did no one ever teach you?” The man said calmly as he strode closer to them, “That you should always hide your precious goods and let nobody see it?” He eyed the trembling body that was in You HanGuang’s arms, her face was hidden but the side of her exposed cheeks were bright scarlet. He could also barely see her still agape lips, gasping softly in his chest for air.

His eyes flared with a need to possess this woman immediately.

You HanGuang, noticing the man’s flagrant stare on his princess, bristled in rage as he prepared himself for battle with her still in his arms.

“You don’t have to be so aggressive,” The man laughed out heartily at his battle stance, “We’ll surely meet again soon~” His deep voice lingering as he disappeared from view in seconds.

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