The Men at Her Feet – Chp 48

Chapter 48: Take A Seat.

As soon as the strange man left, You HanGuang immediately removed himself from her and cupped her face in his big hands, “Everything’s fine, everything’s alright!” He said gently as he stroke her face, trying to comfort her.

But before he could finish his sentence, Princess QingLuan reached out her arms and pushed him away using all her strength. It was so sudden that he triggered backwards, and as he raised his face in confusion, he could see her tears streaming down her bright scarlet face. She bit down on her lips as she glared at him in rage, before turning away and leaving him behind.

You HanGuang raced up to her and tried to grab her hand, which she avoided instantly while increasing her walking speed. He followed her quickly and tried touch her hand again, which was again avoided.

It was a silent trip as they rode back to the city. You HanGuang, who was filled with guilt, kept his silence as he escorted her to the diner where was supposed to meet Pei JingZhi for her third date.

As they reached their destination, You HanGuang carried her off the horse and lifted his hand to pat her head gently, only for her to avoid it. Pei JingZhi, who had been waiting in front of his main gate, rushed over to them and slapped him on the head with his elegant fan, “HanGuang, mind your manners!”

You HanGuang gaped in shock and anger at Pei JingZhi’s actions, This horrible man! He thought angrily as he glared at his second senior brother, I bet he’s trying to get a favorable impression on my princess!

Princess QingLuan, who was watching from the side, let out a breath of relief, her pent up anger dispersing slightly as Pei JingZhi lectured the You HanGuang sternly.

Noticing her relieved reaction, You HanGuang too, let out a sigh of relief and ignored his second senior brother’s lectures, instead, he grinned apologetically at her, as it was truly his fault for not realizing there was another man in the glen, before leaving on his way.

Pei JingZhi immediately grabbed onto her arm and pulled her into the extravagant diner, “Princess, you seem a little tired, let’s just have a seat and then this one will send you home safety.”

Hm? Princess QingLuan’s eyes widened in surprise at his words, Is this really the Pei JingZhi I know? Was he ever so considerate?

Truth be told, today had been extremely emotionally tiring for her, all she wanted was to return to her residence and take a long rest. But listening to his kind words, it was somewhat difficult for her to reject his invitation, since he would send her home soon.

They were lead by a waiter to a VIP room, the room was HUGE. A flowery scent lingered in the air and the pearl round table in the middle of the room was filled to the brim with different types of delicacies.

It was somewhat touching that Pei JingZhi had prepared so grandly for their short date, she sighed in resignation and proceeded to take a seat, as it would cause her no harm to take a satisfying meal before leaving.

Today had been extremely thrilling for her, both good and bad, and she was actually pretty hungry by now, as she had not ate much and was given no choice but to exercise. It was no wonder she could not resist the table of delicious food.

Princess QingLuan, in her hunger, almost devoured the whole table, while Pei JingZhi did not eat, for he was busy placing different types of food onto her bowl.

As she laid backwards lazily, her stomach full and her energy returning to her body, she stole a glance at Pei JingZhi, wondering how she would excuse herself.

Pei JingZhi, who had been sipping from the wine glass silently, grinned slightly as he noticed her vague frown, This would not do… He thought as a shine glint through his dark, obsidian eyes.

“Princess, a big salutation to you for finally being an adult!” He said calmly with a smile as he raised up his wine glass at her.

“Sir Pei, I’m not good at drink… hak…” Princess QingLuan waved her hands slightly at him as she refused the wine, but to her dismay, he had forcefully poured the whole cup of wine into her opened mouth. The wine was exceptionally hot and it burnt her throat uncomfortably as she coughed, tears filling up her eyes.

Her facial features had all furrowed together as the lingering bitter taste stayed on her tongue, as if she was a little rabbit who unknowingly ate an extremely spicy chili.

Before she could recover her senses, Pei JingZhi had lifted her up onto his lap and hugged her tightly, “Princess, please take a longer seat!” He whispered softly into her ears as his hands caressed her softly through her gown.

I knew it! She thought as she sighed tiredly to herself, I should not have expected him to turn over a new leaf. This man is worst than the other two men combined.

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