The Men at Her Feet – Chp 49

Chapter 49: To Be Springtime Everyday.

Sit!? Even if I take a seat it shouldn’t be on your lap! She thought angrily as she pushed his hands away and struggled to leave his lap. Pei JingZhi stayed silent and smiled as he watched her squirmed around.

She froze suddenly as she felt a solid thing poking her thick thighs and she gaped at his blurry face in shock. This was why she did not want to drink the wine, her alcohol tolerance was almost zero, What alcohol did he feed me?! She thought angrily as her strength left her limbs and hanged weakly beside her.

Knowing that she can no longer escape, she pushed against his chest in anger, “Who do you think are?” She snarled, drunk and in rage, “I am not a lowly prostitute, how can you all treat me like this continuously?!”

Pei JingZhi stared at her drunken eyes, her anger made her look extremely adorable. “This one treats princess as my only love,” He said blandly as his hand moved expertly to undress her, “We are lovers, I will never treat this like a business transaction.”
(TNote: basically saying that he will not pay for her services, hence she’s not a prostitute. Smh I hate this guy…)

She screamed as her huge bosoms hanged, bouncing slightly as they were freed. As she struggled and kicked wildly, her pale thighs were exposed as he spread them apart with his own legs while his smooth hands fondled her bunnies affectionately.

“Princess, today is your birthday, my only wish is that it’ll always be spring time for you,” Pei JingZhi smiled vaguely as he took a sip of wine and kissed her lips passionately, passing the wine into her delicate mouth.

His tongue flickered inside her mouth, forcing her to swallow the wine he gifted. Her eyes glazed over as she swallowed the wine, her arms hanged limply around him as a drop of wine leaked down her chin, disappearing in the gap between her bosoms.

Pei JingZhi eyed the drop of wine disappearing between her twin bunnies as he licked his lips seductively, “Princess, are you ready?…” He growled deeply as he lifted up her chin with a single finger. Her almond eyes were unfocused, her alluring face were bright scarlet and her soft lush lips were slightly agape as she breath.

“N…no…” She whimpered weakly as she tried to steady herself.

“Oh? But this one can no longer wait…” He whispered into her reddened ear and he carried her onto a chair, spreading her legs apart on both sides of the hand rest.

He lifted her wrinkled skirt and tore opened the inner wear that was blocking her delicate petals. His eyes glinted dangerously as her exposed softness, suddenly chilled by the air in the room, trembled slightly and spitting out drops of nectar from the tight lips.

Due to his continuous teasing and the scorching wine, her body was exceptionally sensitive and her damp walls immediately held on tightly to his fine her as he stuck it into her.

He moved his fingers, digging deeply into her and pulling out streaks of translucent nectar.

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  1. How many ml does this novel have? Will all of them be totally inconsiderate assholes? Except the 4 ml. So far there are 5 ml. 3 jerks, the 4th ml(I hope he’s not an asshole in disguise) and the 5 ml who is yet again another asshole.🤬🤣😂

  2. “I am not a lowy prostitute, how can you all treat me like this continuously?!” – this is what I wanted her to say since the first time. Seriously! Are these ml really okay sharing their “loved” one like that??

  3. I started binge reading this today, and really enjoy this novel. Thanks for the translations.

    I noticed in your footnotes you mentioned a couple times about being worried about grammar issue. What helped me, is that if your draft is on word before you post it on your blog.

    Use the “Read Aloud” function on word, it reads back your entire word document back to you and you can change the grammar. It’s alot easier and faster hearing it then reading it. To display that “Read Aloud” option on your ribbon just google it, it’s literally one step.

  4. From the time when I read that 3rd rapist had planned for a grand dinner for our fl in night time I already have the premonition that he is going to use some cheap tricks with her dinner (because of his great medical knowledge) and yes my guess is totally right so in this competition so far FSN is the winner( after all our fl only rewarded him with her sweet smile).

    1. hmm? I don’t think I will as it is currently being translated by MadPanda OwO Plus both of us are currently in a collab for the translation of “Taking my elder brothers as husbands” ;D Perhaps another suggestion?

      1. oh my god i love it!! (reading the raws right now *coughs*) I’ve sent the original translator a msg, lets see what they say ;D
        thanks for introducing this novel, it’s pretty good so far

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