The Men at Her Feet – Chp 50

Chapter 50: Perfect Delicacy.

Pei JingZhi raised her chin gently as he stared at her drunken face, her eyes were in a daze and her supple lips were slightly agape. She’s the perfect delicacy, attracting any men to feed the need to devour her.

His eyes darkened at her current situation as he held on to the back of her head and landed a deep kiss on her still agape lips, his flicking tongue sweeping through each part of her mouth, finally curling his tongue around hers, stopping only when she’s almost out of breath.

Immediately after letting go of her docile tongue, he tore open the remaining garments left on her, adding more skin to her already exposed bosoms and the damp petals in between her thighs.

With skin as white as snow and a body as hot as burning lava, the drunk woman laid, still on the chair, with her thighs spread apart on both sides of the handrest. Her huge bosoms hanged loosely from the lack of support and her pink perky beans stood excitedly. Her garments were exposed on the front but not entirely removed and her skirt lingered around her waist as it failed to cover any part of her.

Pei JingZhi stepped back slightly, his throat tightening as he stared and appreciated the glorious view. As I thought, he thought with pure satisfaction, She’s most beautiful when she’s messed up like this.

His penetrating gaze scanned her body thoroughly, finally landing on her chest. He leaned forward intently as he took one of her pink bean in his mouth, suckling on it furiously, while his greedy hands took hold of the other huge mountain as he groped it, squeezing and pulling her huge mountain to different sides.

Princess QingLuan’s head swirled and she cried out with trembling moans. Alcohol is indeed a good stimulation, he grinned slightly as he realized that she was already in the mood in such a short time.

Still fully dressed, he reached inside his pants and took himself out, pointing it directly at her exposed parts. He gripped his solid hardness firmly as he rubbed the head around her lips, wetting it slightly before pressing it against her twitching petals and inserting himself fully into her with a single thrust.

Pei JingZhi grabbed onto her waist and moved in and out of her continuously without any extravagance movements, reaching her deepest parts with every thrust.

Princess QingLuan’s hazy eyes went unfocused as he rammed her unendingly, her unrestrained moans filling the room. She reached out with trembling arms, begging for him to go softer and slower.

In respond to her pitiful request, Pei JingZhi increased his strength, ramming her hard as he lifted her prepuce and, with a single thumb, pressed down ruthlessly on her swollen bud.

“Ah!!” She shrieked out in tears, her eyes rolling back and legs wrapping around his waist tightly as her sweet nectar burst out of her twitching softness, leaving her body in a spasm from the outburst.

Pei JingZhi, who was now unable to move smoothly as he was gripped tightly among her furiously twitching walls, bit down hard on the aroused bean that was still inside his mouth as he forcefully rammed into her deeply, hitting the entrance of her cervix and releasing himself directly into her deepest parts.

Pei JingZhi was already well-dressed and tidy when Princess QingLuan came back to her senses. She was still in the same position, on the chair with her legs spread apart and he was gently wiping away the various filthy liquid from her lower body with a cloth.

“I’m wrong…” She growled angrily as she slapped his hand away, “I’m inferior even to a prostitute!”

Pei JingZhi’s calm eyes soften slightly as he gazed at her adorable face, red with anger. He hugged her tightly to his chest as he took out an exquisite box, “Please forgive this one for presenting your birthday gift so late,” He whispered softly into her ear as he took the diamond ring out from the box and placed it firmly on her ring finger.

“No, I don’t want this!” She struggled wildly, retrieving her hand from his burning grasp. It was obvious that this ring costed a fortune, which she would not allow herself to accept as it would then be him paying her for her services, somewhat implying that she was indeed, like a prostitute selling her body for a price.

“Princess, this one has very deep feelings for you!” He grabbed a hold of her hands, preventing her from removing the ring, “This one loves you!” He said deeply as he leaned down to kiss her lush lips.

Only to stop as a sudden wind blew opened a window, and as he lifted his head, he could see a young man, dressed in black, lazing on the roof of the opposite building. The man was grinning at him as he raised his cup in a greeting.

As their gaze locked, the man licked his lips, as if he was licking Princess QingLuan’s ear lope.

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