The Men at Her Feet – Chp 52

Chapter 52: Mutual Consent.

Princess QingLuan could feel her heart beating crazily inside her chest, this man is obviously not on her side, but she could not feel any ill intention from him. For now, all she could do is to delay the time while waiting for any of the three men to save her.

“Anyhow, I am grateful that mister had saved me from those evil men,” She said softly to her savior, “I will be sure to reward you grandly when I’m safely back at my residence.”

The man strode towards her slowly, backing her into the wall as she moved backwards, “I do not lack money,” He smiled broadly at her as his eyes gleamed dangerously.

Princess QingLuan tried to calm her terrified heart as she replied softly to the man, “Mister, I will do my best to give you anything you want, but please, let me go.”

“Would you be willing… if I said I want your body?” He said deeply as he caressed her plump lips softly.

“Mister, your appearance is of such a gentleman, please do not make jokes like this.” Princess QingLuan, not expecting this outrageous demand, blushed in shame as she gently rejected his request.

“Ah, wasn’t there an idiom about how the maidens would always repay their debts to the hero with her body?” He sighed in disappointment while twirling her hair around his fingers once again, “Then what was the point of me playing the hero?”

“Mister, please do not make this difficult!” She said softly as her trembling arms wrapped tightly around her chest, confused by the man’s changing words.

“Whatever, even though I’m not a good man, I would not force myself upon you,” He sighed as he took a step back, letting go of her silky hair, “After all, some things are only enjoyable with mutual consent~”

She let out a deep sigh of relief upon listening to his words, but before she could say anything, his next words froze her in her steps and her face paled from the loss of words.

“But from my observations, the morning talks with Minister Fu in the inn, the fun times near the ancient tree with Young General Yu and the evening dinner with Sir Pei… After so many men, what harm can one more man do to you, dear princess?” The man sighed softly, “I saved your life after all, plus I’m only asking for a one-night stand, it shouldn’t be hard right?”

Her pale face turned bright scarlet as the man spoke, her cheeks burning in shame from the fact that a stranger knowing her secrets.

The man stroke her hot cheeks lovingly as he enjoyed her terrified look, “And you should thank me for stalking you, for if I did not do that, you might’ve died just now as I would not be here to save you.”

Princess QingLuan, with her back against the wall, flinched at his touch and reached out her hands to push him away in a panic, only for him to avoid it with no effort, while she fell towards his chest as she lost her balance.

“Ah, may I assume that princess has agreed to my terms and are now offering herself to me?” The man asked deeply as he caught her in his arms.

“N…no, my legs went numb just now…” She whimpered softly as she covered her chest one again, as if preventing a pervert from seeing through her.

“Which part of princess is not soft, I wonder?” He raised his eyebrows and asked curiously, while wrapping his strong hands around her waist, pulling her close to him.

“Let me go!” She struggled helplessly against his tight grip.

“How can I let go of such a beauty?” He grinned cheerfully, tightening his hug as he enjoyed her desperate struggling.

“Hmm, they’re quicker than I’ve expected.” He muttered softly as he lifted his head upwards, “Well then, princess, let’s have fun again next time.” He whispered deeply into her ears before disappearing suddenly.

Princess QingLuan’s trembling legs finally gave way as she slowly slid down onto the floor, terrified and in a daze on what happened just now. As the footsteps neared, she lifted her stiff neck and saw Gu QingChen rushing quickly towards her.

Gu QingChen, realizing that the princess was on the floor, removed his outer coat immediately and gently wrapped it around the trembling princess.

Following behind Gu QingChen was the anxious You HanGuang and the injured Pei JingZhi, with blood still flowing from the wound on his shoulder.

Princess QingLuan’s anger throughout the whole day was long gone and was, instead, replaced by a sense of rejoice for being alive, nodded politely at the worried men in front of her, “I’m fine, but it seems that Sir Pei is injured, please bring him back for treatment.”

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