The Men at Her Feet – Chp 53

Chapter 53: Overcoming Frustrations.

Gu QingChen carried her in his arms gently as he left the alley, “Princess, please allow this one to send you home,” He said firmly, though his expression was still calm and gentle.

Princess QingLuan laid in his arms, somewhat awkward, as they were man and woman, but she knew she wouldn’t be able to walk with her limp legs even if she wanted to.

At the exact same moment, Fu SiNian appeared right at the entrance of the alley, jumping down anxiously from his horse and rushing towards where they were. His eyes narrowed slightly as he reached out his hands, intending to snatch her away from Gu QingChen’s arms, only to fail as Gu QingChen avoided it effortlessly.

“Minister Gu, it would be ideal for me to take care of the princess instead.” Fu SiNian’s brows furrowed tightly together as he said grimly.

“Please take care of the two men behind me instead.” Gu QingChen replied nonchalantly, his eyes expressionless as he continued on his way.

Fu SiNian glared at him before gazing at his two junior brothers’ injury, his fist clenched up tightly as he slowly made his way towards them.

“This one had assumed that you three had the ability to protect the princess, but it seems that this one was wrong.” Gu QingChen muttered softly as they passed each other, “In that case, I will take care of the princess myself.” And he strode away without waiting for a reply from Fu SiNian.

Fu SiNian’s face was red with rage, but controlled himself as he had more important things to do. He strode quickly towards the two men, “What exactly happened? Explain to me in detail!” He demanded as he reached out to steady Pei JingZhi while still glaring at Gu QingChen’s carriage.

Princess QingLuan, who was filled to the brim with tension and stress, fell asleep immediately the moment they entered Gu QingChen’s carriage, and when she finally came to, she was already resting warmly on her own bed.

After taking a long warm bath, she laid down on her cozy bed, intending to take a long nap after the extreme exhaustion from the day’s events.

“Princess, the three men have arrived,” JingShu muttered silently as she reminded the princess, “They swore to not leave until they can confirm your welfare.”

Princess QingLuan sighed tiredly as she recalled everything that happened today, deciding that she may as well settle all three men tonight, before going to bed.

You HanGuang’s loud voice could be heard from the pathway as she walked towards her living room, “Since Gu QingChen was able to read second senior brother’s signal for help, it possible that Gu QingChen was the other senior brother that master mentioned? In that case, who is the actual senior brother??”

Fu SiNian stayed silent but his face looked as if it was brewing a thunderstorm. Pei JingZhi, on the other hand, looked as calm and indifferent as ever.

You HanGuang, being the youngest brother in line, continued his nosy gossiping with Pei JingZhi, “Whichever the case, we’re going to be demoted to third and fourth brother now…” He sighed exaggeratedly as if he had no more will to live.

But as Princess QingLuan entered the room, he shut his mouth immediately as he rushed over to her in a blink of an eye, grabbing her hand while leading her to the table.

She stared at the three men silently, sighing deeply as she started her speech softly, “I am well, thank you for the concern. Today was a tiring day and I insist that everyone return home to take a long rest. She gazed intently at Pei JingZhi’s injured shoulder as she continued her speech, “We can discuss anything else tomorrow.”

Noticing that her gaze was firmly on his second senior brother’s shoulder, You HanGuang complained sadly, “Princess, I’m injured too! Please show me some of your sweet concern~”

Isn’t he well and healthy? She thought curiously as she stared at him weirdly.

“Had you not realized that I’ve been standing up? I have injured my butt…” He explained patiently as he noticed her confused face while taking out a small bottle of medication, “And here’s the medicine! I’m been waiting for you to help me apply it!”

Hmph, how can he still tease me when he’s injured? Princess QingLuan thought unhappily as blushed at his words.

“Tell you second senior brother to apply it for you!” Fu SiNian, who could no longer control his emotions, slapped his head and commanded him loudly.

“But second senior brother is now a cripple! How can he apply medicine on me?” You HanGuang wailed loudly at the unfair treatment.

Princess QingLuan, noticing that Pei JingZhi’s face had turned grim upon hearing those words, comforted quickly, “Do not worry, Sir Pei, I will hire the best doctors to treat your arm!”

Realizing that she had misunderstood his meaning, You HanGuang jumped in shock and tried to explain, before being pinched on the ear and dragged away by Fu SiNian, “Ahhh! Elder senior brother, please have mercy on my ear!”

Staring at the childish scenery, she muttered quietly to the men in front of her, “Are all of you brothers from the same master?”

“Yes, yes! This is my eldest senior brother, and this is my second senior brother. I’m the third brother, the youngest!” You HanGuang, seeing the opportunity to escape from Fu SiNian’s evil fingers, rushed towards her and explained quickly while grinning broadly.

Princess QingLuan giggled softly at his words, which confused everyone in the room, “Princess, why are you laughing?” You HanGuang, unable to stop his curiosity, asked quickly.

“Ah, it’s nothing,” She waved her hands gently, “It just sounded like the ‘Journey to the West’ myth.”

“I see, then eldest senior brother would be Sun WuKong, while second senior brother would be Zhu BaJie while I’ll be Sha WuJing…” You HanGuang muttered silently as he scratched his head, “Oh my god, I don’t want to be that stupid and ugly Sha WuJing! But no matter, since I’ll be the fourth brother soon, let me be the White Dragon Horse!”

“Master, I’ll be your white dragon horse, please ride me~” He grinned wickedly as he winked at her.

You HanGuang, you win… Her face flushed at his words as she reached out her hands to push him away, You have a great talent in making everything sound lewd…

“Ah master! Don’t leave me, ride me!” You HanGuang, who had been pushed to the side, slithered back towards her cheekily as he hugged her from the side.

The other two men stood silently at the side as they enjoyed her alluring scarlet face as their junior brother teased the woman they loved.

“Stay away from me, I swear I will go to the temple tomorrow and be a nun!” In her panic, she growled evilly at the three men before escaping quickly, her still-scarlet face hidden in her palms.

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In case anyone is confused, “Journey to the West” was a famous chinese mythology where the monk traveled towards the west to retrieve some ancient records while being escorted by the Sun WuKong (Monkey King), Zhu BaJie and Sha WuJing. If I recalled correctly, they all reached enlightenment or something OwO
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