The Men at Her Feet – Chp 55

Chapter 55: Letting The Cat Out Of The Bag.

“Ah Luan, let’s take a walk outside,” Yan Gui said as he held her hand in his gently, leading her towards the garden.

Princess QingLuan felt comforted by his calm presence, as it was much more pleasant than what she had been feeling since she had been reborn. Smiling fondly at her memories with him, she lifted her head up, only to find him gazing lovingly at her.

As their eyes met, all her worries melted away. His eyes were clear and sincere, it was like the ray of sunlight shining through the dim forest, or the faint scent of paint on an old paper. His gentle gaze soothed her soul and she could not help but to drown under his gaze.

They smiled at each other and continued on their way, chatting freely like old friends. Without her noticing, they had reached the building Yan Gui had resided in years ago.

Both of them sighed in reminiscence as they entered the untouched building, the insides were clean and dustless, as the servants could clean the place daily.

Princess QingLuan passed her hand through the long untouched guqin before stroking the well-kept books on the bookshelves and gently stroking the flowers placed inside the flower vase.

Yan Gui watched her silently as she moved around the building, smiling and giggling at her old memories. The years treated her really well all these years.

It’s no surprise that she’s coveted by other men.

“I’ve missed this place a lot ever since I left years ago, that was why I entrusted the servants here to take good care of this place,” Yan Gui began slowly, “No matter what happens, I wish for you to know that the days spent with you by my side were the happiest years in my life.”

Princess QingLuan stared at him with tears in her eyes as her heart skipped a beat to his words and the longing look in his eyes.

“I had no choice but to stay away all these years because I’ve been afflicted with a strange disease…” He murmured softly in regret, “Ah Luan, I never wanted to leave you but I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to control myself…”

Suddenly, his brows furrowed deeply together as he clenched his head in his hands, as if he was in deep pain, “Ah Luan, RUN!” He gasped painfully as he urged the woman he loved to leave.

She jumped back in shock at his scream, but upon seeing him in great pain, she rushed quickly to his side, holding him steady while calming herself down before screaming for help.

Only to have her lips covered by a firm and strong hand, “Shh, Little Luan Er, don’t scream!” He whispered deeply into her ear as he pulled her close to his chest in a tight hug.

This is not Yan Gui’s voice! Her eyes grew wide in shock as she heard the man’s whispers. Yan Gui’s voice, even though it was deep, was filled with a sense of maturity and gentleness, but this! This voice was filled with an unrestrained charm, as if it was the voice of an incubus.

In her shock, she struggled wildly but it was in vain as he dragged her towards the bed and crawled on top of her, caging her under him.

She stared at him in horror, as this “Yan Gui” looked exactly like her ex-fiancee, but he was emitting a different aura. The Yan Gui who was her childhood friend had always been a gentleman, smiling soothingly at her at all times, but this “Yan Gui” was emitting the sharp aura of someone who is of high authority. He was anything but gentle and there were no warmth in his eyes.

His eyes narrowed dangerously as he gazed down at her scared pale face, the ends of his lips arching up into a wicked grin.

“Who are you?” She asked in horror, confused and terrified at the current situation, “You’re not Yan Gui!”

He leaned down towards towards her face slowly, like a predator closing in on its prey. “I am the real Yan Gui.” He murmured softly, breathing softly on her face as he grinned.

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  1. Ah yes Yan Gui, the yandere guy with double personality, quite disturbing how he wanted the princess when she was just a 10 year old and he was 16. So far, GQC seems to be the only decent guy, being the only one that hasn’t harassed her.

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