The Men at Her Feet – Chp 56

Chapter 56: To See The World Burn.

Princess QingLuan stared at the handsome face in front of her as she recalled her past memories.

The Yan Gui she had known since she was a child was someone who bemoans the state of the world and suffers at other’s sufferings, his only goal in life was to secure the northern borders so the people of her country would not suffer under the hands of foreign countries. A man like that might think up a plan to save her from the temple, but he would never lead the army in a rebellion against his own beloved country.

But this “Yan Gui”, on the other hand, gave her the feeling that he was someone who would willingly watch this dirty world burn, he would fit into the description of the man leading the rebellion against her brother in her past life.

Then how about Yan Gui? Pain flickered through her eyes as she thought in sorrow, Is he still here? Would he be back?

Yan Gui smiled amusingly as she laid unmovingly on the bed, her eyes were glazed as they stared at him, deep in thoughts, and he immediately knew that she was thinking about the other him.

He reached out his strong hands and stripped her of her upper garments, his fingers grazing her collarbone ever so softly, “Little Luan Er, how could I ever yield my woman to another man?” He said lazily, satisfied at the softness of her skin, “Furthermore, you are mine in the first place.”

Tears streamed down her cheeks and she wept, her heart in deep pain upon hearing his words.

Yan Gui stared surpisingly at the weeping woman under him, as she was not struggling in fear, but was weeping uncontrollably. It was of pure sadness, as if she was grieving for her broken heart.

His eyes narrowed dangerously as he leaned closer to her, watching intently into his own reflection in her almond eyes, drawn by her weeping, his lips landed softly on her face, causing her to flinch in respond.

He lifted his head from her face as he gaze at her, memorizing and recalling her facial features. The long eye-lashes that were always so naturally dark, the big almond eyes that would easily fill up with tears, the alluring supple lips that’s always full and red, the smooth cheeks that has a tint of scarlet flowing through it, but most importantly, the tear marks she left on her perfect face. The tears that had streamed down her face left a dampen path on her cheeks right to her chin, and he had to admit, that it enhanced and complimented her already beautiful face.

A storm brewed inside his eyes as he stared at her with a complicated look. Unable to control his urges, he leaned in and took her inviting lips in his as he tighten his arms around her, hugging her tightly.

Yan Gui hissed deeply as he pushed her away roughly, blood flowed freely from his broken lips as she had bitten him in retaliation. He grinned and stared at her wide terrified eyes as he licked the blood from his lips, “Sorry to disappoint you, but I am still me.”

“But sometimes I wonder, if you’re no longer here, would he disappear too?” He muttered softly as he reached out both hands, clutching down tightly around her neck before letting go immediately, “But I guess I’m reluctant to lose you myself…”

He dropped her back onto the bed, stripping off the rest of her garments swiftly, revealing her pale and smoother skin. He nodded in appreciation as he rolled her inner-wear into a ball before stuffing it into her agape mouth.

As she laid stark naked on the bed, he quickly removed his own garments, revealing his huge twitching erection as he reached down to spread her legs widely to the side.

He spread open her delicate lips and stuck a finger inside lazily, but immediately removing it as he saw the pitiful small amount of nectar before thrusting himself fully into her.

“Mmph!!” Princess QingLuan, whose mouth had been stuffed, let out a muffled scream before resorting to trembling whimpers. Her brows furrowed together in a tight knot and her tears once again streamed down her face from the extreme pain as he took her by force, with little to no foreplay.

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