The Men at Her Feet – Chp 57

Chapter 57: The Definition Of Ecstasy.

Yan Gui’s eyes grew wide as he inserted himself into her trembling softness, even though her insides were not moistured, her walls were tight and warm. His brows furrowed deeply together as he took a deep breath, stopping himself from releasing his load into her so quickly.

Meanwhile, Princess QingLuan’s face went pale and her fingers dug deeply into the bedsheets as she trembled from the extreme pain, it felt to her as if she was cut opened with a sharp knife. The pain did not subside even after he was fully inside and not moving.

Yan Gui sighed deeply as he landed a soft kiss on her furrowed brows before removing her inner wear from her filled up mouth. “Little Luan Er, I had wanted you to remember this pain, but then again it hurts my heart to see you in such pain…” He whispered gently as he trailed her agape lips with a finger.

He reached out to grab her dangling bosoms, each in one hand as he squeezed and played around with them roughly, leaving finger bruises on her pale skin. He then pinched one of her pinkish beans, rolling it around between two fingers while taking the other bean with his tongue as he suckled it roughly.

He gazed at her, hoping to see a reaction, but somehow her face was fully expressionless. His eyes narrowed in disappointment as he stared intently at her stubbornness.

It appears that his little Luan Er doesn’t understand men at all, as it had not occurred to her that the more stubborn she was in bed, the more she ignites his need for dominance.

Yan Gui chuckled deeply before grabbing her by the waist as he pushed her down towards his throbbing hardness, stabbing through her violently as it reaches her deepest parts.

He grunted deeply as her warmth clamped down on him tightly, “Little Luan Er, you’re really wasting my efforts.” With his patience running out, he could no longer afford to let her get used to his unusual size and he moved, violating her insides roughly as he seek out pleasure for himself.

Princess QingLuan’s softness, even though she had taken many different men, was still as tight and narrow as ever. And the fact that her sweet nectar was non-existent, his huge shaft was getting stuck and it was difficult for him to move, but it somewhat excites him.

With a growl, he grabbed her thighs and violently spreading them apart before he started moving, ramming her violently. In moments, the room was filled with a man’s deep huffing and a woman’s whimpers and moans.

He took her enthusiastically, reaching deeply into her with each thrust. His gaze sharpened as he stared at his crotch, watching as his huge hardness moved in and out of her violently, gasping as her convulsing walls crushing down on him every time he intruded and pulling her inside out when he pulled back.

Princess QingLuan bit down hard on her supple lips as she endured his fulfilled his desires, the pain was still lingering inside of her but as she was once again expanded to the brim with his beastly shaft, her body began to tremble uncontrollably.

She felt her mind go blank as the man in front of her went blurry, and as she unknowingly drowned in the pleasure he provided, her tensed up body loosened up and the pain slowly subsided, replaced immediately with soul breaking ecstasy as he took her dominantly.

Her breathing were heavy and her body was wet thoroughly, inside and out. She wasn’t sure if the dampness on her skin was her sweat or his, but it did not matter.

Yan Gui was like a gluttonous beast, it was as if he could never be satisfied. Her abdomen burned like lava as he grind himself in her swollen softness hatefully and she stared, blurry eyed, at him in a daze. It was as if his love for her was etched deeply on his bones, but at the same time, he held a tremendous grudge against her.

When will this nightmare end… She sobbed silently as the terrifying beast on top of her continued, torturing her soul.

But soon, she was no longer able to even have thoughts as her swollen softness convulsed and the intense bliss flowed through her entire body, her eyes rolled back as her nails clawed deeply against the sheets and her legs unintentionally wrapping around his waist.

Yan Gui frowned deeply as he grabbed her trembling thighs in his strong hands and pressed them firmly onto the bed, he pulled the trembling woman towards himself as he dug deeply into her convulsing walls, ramming her with all his might even though she was already barely conscious.

Finally, with a final ram, he went deeply into her, spreading apart the entrance of her cervix before releasing himself in her pitiful womb.

“Little Luan Er, your hole is really top-notched, it’s no surprise that you were able to take down all men of high authority in this country,” He praised the woman underneath him cruelly, “I now understand the true definition of ecstasy.”

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  1. There’s so much snu snu in this novel that Ive already forgotten the plot. 🤣🤣🤣 so how is yan gui connected to queen mother again?

    1. I had been too caught up in the snu snu too tbh ⁄(⁄ ⁄ ⁄ω⁄ ⁄ ⁄)⁄ but if I’m not mistaken, the king suspects yan gui to be in a conspiracy with the queen mother because yan gui’s family provided help for the defeated House Cui OwO

  2. So does he know that princess had relationship with those three brothers as he commented her “no surprise that you were able to take down all men of high authority in this country”

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