The Men at Her Feet – Chp 58

Chapter 58: Imprinted By Heart.

Yan Gui felt her tightly in his arms as his seeds burst violently into her, his eyes were half-closed as he enjoyed the lingering warmth on her walls. He lifted her head up, pinching her chin roughly and he stared into her eyes, a glint of pure dominance flashed through his eyes as he looked at the fiancee who belonged to him.

Suddenly, his grip on her chin loosen and he held his head in his hands as his face crumpled up in extreme pain. When he once again opened his eyes, the flirtatious sly look was long gone, replaced with gentle and soothing eyes.

He blinked, confused, and he stared down at the woman underneath him, his eyes glued to her bosoms. She was stark naked, her body was filled with bruises and love marks. It was a body that was just recently violated by a man that did not care about mutual enjoyment.

He moved slightly, trying to leave this position but frowning when he felt a mild discomfort near his crotch and he moved his gaze away from her body and looked at his own, but to his utter dismay, this was the reason for his discomfort.

Her inner thighs were filled with bruises and his thick shaft was still half buried inside her pink swollen softness, white sticky liquid could be seen everywhere, on the bed and leaking out from their attached parts.

“Ah Luan?” Yan Gui called out shakily, unsure whether it was to wake the unconscious beauty or if it was to wake himself.

Princess QingLuan was lying right underneath him, stark naked and her injured body was fully exposed right under him, and he could not help but admit that he was VERY attracted to every part of her body. His lingering gaze landed on her perfect curves, her skin so smooth that it looked as if it would break upon contact. The self-control that he was extremely proud of were gone in the sight of her alluring body.

Gulp… He swallowed nervously as he felt his throat go dry and his breathing accelerating while his beastly shaft awakened once again.

Even if the Yan Gui right now was in his gentleman personality, he was still a normal man nonetheless, furthermore, he was in the presence of the woman he had loved all his life, how was it possible for him to hold back?

He leaned closer to her unconscious face, searching gently for her supple lips before landing a soft kiss on his target. His breathing quickened as he suckled onto her lips, spreading them apart with his hot tongue before reaching in deeply, tasting her mouth thoroughly. And with a soft grunt, he nibbled her tongue before curling his tongue around hers.

The loving kisses trailed slowly down her slender neck as he treated the bruises with extreme care, his brows furrowing as his heart ached at her pain.

“Mmph…” Princess QingLuan’s consciousness returned to her and she whimpered softly as his gentle hand reached out for her hanging bosoms. Her head was still in a daze as she wondered why Yan Gui was treating her with such care when all he did was torture her so cruelly before.

His fingers were light and gentle as they caressed her skin, it was as if they were made entirely out of love. Her body, who was not used to being treated with such care, trembled as she drowned in his gentle pampering.

His hand trailed back softly towards her chest as he cupped her bosom, his index finger and thumb pulling and pinching her bean gently as curled the other with his tongue, nibbling it gently with his lips and suckling ever so softly, sending jolts of pleasure up her spine.

Princess QingLuan arched her back in response as she could feel her body warming up quickly towards his playful teasing. She could feel the change in Yan Gui and she felt her nectar leaking out from her as he showered her with extreme pampering.

“Ah Luan, you found out about my secret,” He mumbled deeply into her ear, “Hence why I will no longer let you go.”

“Brother Yan Gui… En…” She sobbed weakly and her a light moan leaked out from her as she felt the already huge shaft inside of her expand to an even bigger size and pushing against her walls, filling her to the brim.

She flinched and her walls clamped down tightly on him as Yan Gui bit down softly on her ear, nibbling it as his tongue slithered through each and every nook of her entire ear, it was as if her ear was the tastiest food he had ever eaten.

Still inside of her, he wrapped his arms around her waist as he lifted her in his arms in a sitting position. He positioned her comfortably on his lap and landed both firm palms around her buttocks before pressing her downwards slowly.

His half-buried monster slid into her inch-by-inch, reaching her deepest parts slowly as he could not bear to hurt her even more.

“Emm… Ah…” A trembling moan escaped her lush lips as she felt him burying deep inside of her, grinding against her walls and hitting all the spots that she herself had not even known about.

“Hmph…” Yan Gui grunted deeply, his voice becoming hoarse as he felt her damp walls crushing against him tightly as he poured his feelings for her entirely.

He began grinding himself gently against her tightened walls as his bulging hardness was fully buried in her, the tip of his hardness ramming endlessly against the entrance of her cervix with each thrust. His speed was still gentle and slow, not filled entirely with vigor, but with care.

He was treating her as if she was a fragile jade, but she would willingly drown in his gentleness in return.

She rested her cheek on his shoulder as she moaned in bliss, her body was numb but in a good way, and her sweet nectar was flowing endlessly, leaking down her buttocks, wetting the sheets thoroughly.

“Ah Luan, who is in your body right now?” Yan Gui mumbled huskily at her, a slight grin hanging on his face.

“Ah… Mhm… B…brother Y…yan Gui is… Ah!” She cried out shakily as he rammed her teasingly as she spoke, tears filled her eyes as she pouted adorably at his cheekiness.

Satisfied at her reaction, his grin grew larger and he placed her gently on the bed before moving her legs onto his shoulders. He held his shaft firmly in one hand as he entered her once again, grunting as her walls closed down on him.

And he moved swiftly, as she was already accustomed to him and as she was equally aroused, her insides were coated fully with her sweet nectar.

“Ah…. Ah..!” Princess QingLuan’s teary eyes shot open as she let out scream, arching her back as her entire body trembled uncontrollably while her walls convulsed, clamping down hard on his hardness.

“Mmm…” As he felt a wave of warmth flushed against his shaft, with a deep growl, he rammed himself against the wave as he released his entire load deeply into her.

And he hugged her tightly against his chest, as if imprinting her deeply into his heart and bones eternally, so that he would never ever forget this woman that he had loved for all his life no matter what happens.

Translator’s Note:
Gentle Yan Gui is absolutely BAE  ⁄(⁄ ⁄ ⁄ω⁄ ⁄ ⁄)⁄ I need moar gentle Yan Gui! *hits yandere Yan Gui with a wooden stick aggressively*

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  1. Totally agreed with translator’s note and somehow now I understand y princess’s brother don’t like YG and y he is always so hostile towards him surely because of his personality disorder and due to aggressive YG.

  2. I really thought yan gui didn’t love the princess in her last life. Thought he was just using the princess to take the throne. But gentle yan gui is number #1 ❤❤❤

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