The Men at Her Feet – Chp 59

Chapter 59: The Unpreventable.

When Princess QingLuan finally came to, she found herself inside a moving carriage, already well-dressed and cleaned.

Yan Gui was lazing quietly nearby the carriage window, holding a cup of warm tea as he gazed at the scenery outside. He moved his gaze towards her direction as she scurried into a sitting position.

The Yan Gui right now was not his usual gentle self, but instead, he looked like a typical playboy. His garments were slightly exposed, revealing his wide chest and his pale neck. Her face flushed bright scarlet as she stared wide eyed at the love marks on his neck, knocking onto the wall of the carriage.

“Little Luan Er, could it be that you’re afraid of me?” He chuckled as he watched her back away from him fearfully.

He’s back to the unpredictable Yan Gui! Princess QingLuan thought in horror as she kept her eyes downcast, but quickly realizing that there’s not much she could do now except to pray that he would at least have a little sense of pity for her and release her soon.

“Of course I would be afraid of you when you treated me like this.” She whispered softly as she held her trembling hands against her chest.

Yan Gui stared at her silently before taking a sip out of his tea cup before grinning brightly at her, “So tell me, how did I treat you?”

He left his tea cup on a table nearby and moved towards her, clenching her chin roughly, forcing their eyes to meet.

As she averted her eyes timidly, her gaze landed on his exposed chest unintentionally, her nose wrinkled and her face flushed bright scarlet as she realized he was releasing a sort of masculine scent, the scent of a man who had bedded someone recently.

“That’s enough!” She cried out in rage as she turned her head away forcefully.

But his grip on her chin strengthen as her words ended, his strong fingers once again forcing her face forwards and their eyes to meet, “Enough or not enough… That decision is not for you to make.” He growled deeply as he reached out towards her collar, suddenly tearing her garments off, exposing her slender pale neck and her loose inner wear.

“You are my wife, and no one can stop me from treating you however I want to…” He grinned slightly as his eyes narrowed at hers, before pulling off her inner wear easily.

Her exposed bosoms, huge and soft, were left bouncing due to the lack of support, and as Yan Gui had pulled off her inner wear with such violent strength, her bosoms bounced wildly and inviting.

She cried out in shock as her arms moved swiftly to her chest, wanting to cover it from his view but to her dismay, he caught her arms easily and he held them high above her head.

“Furthermore, it is your duty as a wife to serve your husband…” He growled deeply into her ear before throwing her facedown on the wide carriage bed, forcing her head down as he held her buttocks up high before tearing off her skirt with enthusiasm.

“Let go of me….” Her mumbled whimpers could be heard as she tried in vain to struggle against his grasps.

Long thick fingers reached greedily towards her exposed petals before spreading them wide apart, exposing the delicacy hidden inside.

He stuck his finger into her nectar-less hole without a care, pushing it deeply before teasing her walls violently from within.

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  2. Bring our gentle prime Minister back!!! He’s the only one I…mostly trust. Although, those other three aren’t looking so bad compared to Yandere Yan Gui.

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