The Men at Her Feet – Chp 6

Chapter 6: Taking Down Three Birds With One Stone.

Fu SiNian was helped up the carriage by You HanGuang and Pei JingZhi. As soon as all three men are seated, Fu SiNian’s supposedly drunk eyes cleared up.

The three men glanced at each other in silence.

Three Men gang-raping a royal princess at the royal hot spring at night. If they were never caught, it would forever be treated as a one-night fun, lasting forever in their memories. But if anyone were ever caught, being exiled were the least of their concerns, they might even be executed! Thank the gods that the princess was alert the whole time and ran before An Wang and the prime minister appeared.

The three men subconsciously thought about the princess, wondering how could she accept what they did to her and then left them ruthlessly. Her back view was as cold as the winter as she escaped into the forest.

“Eldest senior brother*, so you weren’t drunk at all! So why were you still crushing me!” You HanGuang was the first one to break the silence.

“It was aphrodisiac medicine, it was probably in the alcohol he drank,” Pei JingZhi said calmly.

“Ah, I see. I was wondering why Eldest senior brother was so out of character today, stealing a kiss from the princess and then tearing off her clothes immediately after,” You HanGuang laughed out loudly.

“Okay, fine. So I was poisoned by that damn drink,” Fu SiNian answered coldly, “So what about you two? Both of you weren’t poisoned!”

“Uhh, you know. It’s my first time here in the city… I thought this was how city people have fun…” You HanGuang muttered softly.

“What about you?” Fu SiNian asked angrily.

“I was only performing a good deed,” Pei JingZhi answered nonchalantly, as You HanGuang glared at his second senior brother, remembering how he snatched the princess away from him.

You HanGuang clenched his fist angrily, “Huh? Senior brothers, look at this!” On his palm lies an expensive looking hairpin made out of gold, “I think the princess dropped this,”

Fu SiNian took the hairpin from him and observed it carefully under the moonlight, it was made out of pure gold. Something of this quality can only belong to the royalty, a high positioned royalty. There was only one single person who was allowed to wear this gem.

It could only be the elder sister of king, Princess QingLuan.

“What a good usage of stone**, it would’ve ruined us all!” Fu SiNian clenched his eyes tightly in anger as he realized it was all a conspiracy.

If it was a regular woman, it would not hurt their reputation and positions so much, but if it was the royal princess who was adored by the king, this incident would’ve been treated as disrespect to the royal family. Worst case scenario, all three of them, as well as their family members, would be executed for treason. Fu SiNian’s face paled in dismay at what would happen.

“Speak nothing of this to anyone, ever!” Fu SiNian warned his two junior brothers as he kept the hairpin safe from view.

If this turned out to be a conspiracy aimed at him, An Wang and the prime minister would be the people who benefited the most from this incident. Fu SiNian would mark them as his suspects.

And what of the princess? He thought to himself, which side is she on?

He needs some time to think, after all.

Translator’s Note:
No smut in chapter 6 too ;D It’s all character building.
But do look forward to chp 7, it’ll be the prelude of another smut arc OwO
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Gentle note:
* It would seem that these three men trained under a same master. Hence they would refer to each other with senior brother and junior brother.
** There’s an idiom in chinese called “一石二鸟”, meaning “One stone two birds”. It means to kill two birds with one stone, in this novel scenario, it means the plan, if it was a success, could take down all 3 of them.

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  1. The nerve of them to assume they were conspired. Heh…. Can’t they just admit that they are lowlives who attacked people recklessly.

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