The Men at Her Feet – Chp 60

Chapter 60: Love That Runs Deeply In His Bones.

In her nervousness plus the fact that she could not see his actions, her body had became unusually sensitive, causing her walls clamped down tightly around his finger.

He breath deeply as he felt her insides thoroughly, feeling her warmth among the uneven walls. He violated her roughly with his fingers and he waited impatiently for her moisture, and as the warmth increased, he pulled out his finger slowly, only to see her half-translucent nectar hanging weakly on his finger.

He took off his pants immediately as he held his beastly shaft in his hand while pushing the rest of the dress to her waistline before shoving himself straight into her.

But even if the insides were filled with her sweet nectar, she was still unprepared to take in such a beast and she flinched in pain as he went straight into her, she clenched down hard on his hardness as she endured the intense pain.

“Be good… Relax yourself…” He grunted softly as he forced himself in further, “Let me in…” His voice was uncharacteristically gentle but the beast entering her was still the exact opposite of gentle.

Unfortunately, his words did little to no help as her warm walls were still clenched up tightly, causing him pain and at the same time, intensive pleasure, it felt as if he went to hell and heaven at the exact same moment.

He grinned cruelly as he let out a deep sigh, it was a grin so malicious that if the weeping princess had seen it, she would’ve thought it was the smile of a devil. He grabbed onto her hips tightly and he thrust into her violently, forcing the rest of his hardness into her as the tip of his shaft rammed against her cervix.

“Ahh!” Princess QingLuan raised her head, crying out from the extreme torture as her arms supported her upper body, and in her despair, tried to crawl away from the demon behind her, only to be pulled back by the hips.

“Be good…!” He growled deeply as he pinched her round buttocks cruelly while enjoying the intensive clenching of her walls as she flinched in pain.

Princess QingLuan hanged her head in despair as tears streamed down her face, she wept uncontrollably as he continued his conquest.

Lustful sound of flesh ramming on flesh soon echoed throughout the whole carriage.

“Mmph mmph… Ahh…” Her unrestrained moans and screams were hoarse due to her weeping but there was no sympathy from him.

“Little Luan Er, such a fine body you have!” He growled deeply into her ear as he reached towards her front, pinching down hard on her hardened beans, “No men can ever forget how you taste like!”

“Yan Gui, how dare you treat me with such indignity!” She screamed at him with rage as the intensive pain came from the twin tips of her bosoms, “Give me a swift death if you truly hate me so much!”

At this single moment, Princess QingLuan truly wished for death, for it was better than to be married off to his man and taken back to the north just to suffer a lifetime’s worth of humiliation and disgrace.

“Little Luan Er, you’re wrong, how can I ever hate you? You have no idea the love I have for you!” He growled deeply as he rammed her with all his might, “My love for you is so strong to the point that I don’t mind that you’ve lost your virginity before our marriage, that I don’t mind that you fell in love with another man, and that I want to bring you back to the north no matter the consequences!”

And with a single push, he flipped her over swiftly and as she laid bare-back on the bed, he continued ramming her convulsing softness as her sweet nectar flowed endlessly.

Princess QingLuan stared teary eyes at the ferocious man on top of her, staring at her condescendingly with his gleaming narrowed eyes.

The two ends of his lips turn upwards as he gazed at her facial expressions, “Little Luan Er…” He rasped hoarsely as he stared at her lovingly, “Do you know that my love for you runs deeply in my bones?”

For a moment, he almost looked like the gentle and kind Yan Gui she had known all her life as his eyes were deep with adoration and his voice were filled with intense love for her, it almost made her willing to drown in the hell he created.

But in the end, Princess QingLuan would not continue living in her self-deception. She turned her head sideways, breaking off the unneeded eye contact and shut her eyes tightly, tears streaming endlessly down her cheeks from the edge of her closed eyes. It was impossible to convince this madman, so why bother?

Her nails dug deeply into the bedsheets as she laid un-movingly, refusing to satisfy him with any moans of pleasure while praying for the torture and humiliation to end quickly.

His brows furrowed deeply as he noticed her silent retaliation and he leaned forward immediately, “Truth be told, years ago, the Brother Yan Gui you kept deep inside your heart wanted to treat you like this, but you were too young. He had to leave this city as he did not want to lose control and hurt you, but instead, without his protection, he had unintentionally created the best opportunity for others to harm you.”

Yan Gui paused his words as he once again rammed deeply into her, causing her to flinch in respond as her body trembled uncontrollably.

“Little Luan Er, your Brother Yan Gui is such a dumb man, wouldn’t you agree?” Yan Gui growled deeply as he held up one of her smooth slender legs as he continued his violent ramming, reaching her deepest parts with every thrust and pulling out a huge amount of her shining sweet nectar with his beastly shaft.

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