The Men at Her Feet – Chp 61

Chapter 61: Reckless Possession.

Princess QingLuan’s eyes were wide with rage and tears, “Don’t you dare insult Brother Yan Gui like this!” She screamed at him hoarsely.

“I’ll do whatever I want!” He grinned mischievously as he leaned towards her bouncing snow rabbit, chomping down while twirling his tongue around her pink bean, teasing it endless. He did it on purpose, it was an act of punishment as he wanted her to scream out loud from the pain.

“Ah… Ah…!” Princess QingLuan moaned uncontrollably, her body betraying her truest thoughts as her body became sensitive and the softness between he thighs clamped tightly around his burning hardness.

“P…pull it o…out… S…stay a…away f…from me…” Not wanting to drown in the pleasure brought by this man, she begged weakly as she struggled desperately against his grasps, twisting and squirming her body, but it only caused her to be held down even more firmly by the cruel man on top of her.

“You are my only wife and the only place I’ll never stay away from…” Yan Gui growled hoarsely into her ear as he suckled onto her scarlet earlobe, his voice soft, like a lover’s murmur, but the words spoken were like an everlasting curse to her ears.

“I don’t want that, I’m not your wife…” She retorted blatantly at his horrible words, still struggling against his constant ramming while trying to ignore the warmth that was spreading through her trembling body and her heart was stroke with a bone-chilling fear and guilt when she realized that her body was reacting uncontrollably to him.

Yan Gui gazed at her alluring face, bright scarlet with lust and her silky hair, now messy and everywhere as he rammed her like a beast, causing her moans to leak out unwillingly from her swollen lips.

His heart crawled with a burning hatred and dominating love for her as he stared at her defiance. Why does she defy me so? Why can’t she love me?

Was it due to that so-called gentleman Yan Gui? Or was it due to those useless men in the city that doesn’t understand their place?

“Xie QingLuan, sometimes I really wonder who is truly in your heart?” He snarled angrily as he groped onto her smooth buttocks roughly, wrapping her legs around his waist before continuing to ram her endlessly, as if he wanted to merge into one with her, “Fu SiNian, You HanGuang, Pei JingZhi, Gu QingChen, or your so-called Brother Yan Gui? So many men but who is truly in your heart!?”

“En…en… Ah…ah…” Loud moans filled with lust echoed throughout the place while her twin bunnies rubbed wildly against his muscular chest as he held her tightly to him.

He grabbed her thighs once again and spread them wide apart in a split, holding them firmly in his strong hands as he continued the berserk rampaging inside of her. Each thrust reached deeply into her and her pale body were tinted with soft specks of pink as she endured the numbing sensation spreading throughout her body.

“Ahh…!” Her back arched wildly as she let out a shrill scream, her dominated softness contracting tightly, holding his beastly shaft in place as her sweet nectar burst out of her cervix like a loose pipe.

Yan Gui, who felt the the rush of wave crashing upon his trapped shaft, frowned deeply and forced himself deeply into her, knocking directly at the entrance of her convulsing cervix as he continued ramming violently in and out of her, freeing himself from the clutches of her tight uneven walls.

“No… ah… no… p…please…” Princess QingLuan, unknowingly wrapping her arms around his neck, sobbed pitifully into his shoulders as she begged for him to stop the torture, “I can’t… en… t…take any…anymore of this… Ah…”

Yan Gui felt her body trembling wildly against him, but he had no intention of stopping. He was starving and deeply deprived, his hunger was unending.

Princess QingLuan could no longer count how many times he had moved her or amount of different positions used. Throughout the whole torture, her sobbings turned slowly into whimpers, and her whimpers turned slowly in weakened gasps, while finally becoming silent as she laid on the bed, limp and unconscious.

But this would not stop him from devouring the woman he loved, and finally, squeezing her waist tightly and in one final ram, he went past the entrance of her cervix, releasing his endless load straight into her womb, filling her up to the brim.

The cruel glint faded from his eyes as he released her waist, both of his hands pressed down firmly against his head and he blinked confusedly, gazing at the scene in front of him in shock.

Princess QingLuan laid unconscious underneath him, her once-pale and smooth body were filled with bruises, love bites and teeth marks. Not a single spot on her body was left untouched!

And the bed they were on were soaked to the brim, as if someone poured buckets and buckets of water on it, it was impossible to move around or sit down comfortably.

He withdrew himself from her swollen softness gently, his heart aching as he watched his seed, no longer plugged inside of her, leaking out of her expanded hole, streaming down her wrecked thighs which were filled with bruises in the shape of his fingers.

His heart clenched tightly inside his chest as tears of shame and guilt streamed endlessly down his cheeks, “Ah Luan, Brother Yan Gui is so useless…” He wept sorrowfully, hugging her tightly but gently, against his chest, “In the end, the one who hurt you the most is me…”

Translator’s Note:
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  2. No wonder her brother can’t stand this Yan. I’m thinking her brother encountered this bastard personality instead of the kind, gentle personality the princess has encountered. He really is useless. So will she be forced to marry him now?πŸ€” I’m telling u, TMAHF should not be the title of this webnovel.

    Thank u for the update!

    1. you took the word from my mouth… I’m following this series cuz I thought she gonna made all the men her slaves but its the total opposite and she is truly miserable TT

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    1. I’ll have to check the raws out to check if there’s any tragedy elements in it since the summary mentioned “However, she’ll suffer a lot before that.”, I’m really really bad with tragedy ;w; however if what she’s going through is somewhat like the MC in TMAHF then I’ll most probably pick it up ⁄(⁄ ⁄ ⁄ω⁄ ⁄ ⁄)⁄

  4. Guys, I looked it up… The peepee can’t go past the cervix. But it can bruise the cervix… The cervix keeps babies in the womb and only opens during childbirth so its super durable. Not something a mere didi can pop πŸ˜…

    1. Oh my god seriously!!! All these time I thought it could because all these smut novels always mention that it broke through the cervix ;w; (but I wouldn’t know as my man doesn’t have a peepee with the size of these MLs ;w;)

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  7. It is not only stamina, but the ability to regenerate the skin. Normally a person after a daily portion of bruises and bites would eventually have a body covered with scars rather than smooth white skin

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