The Men at Her Feet – Chp 63

Chapter 63: The Hero Is Short-Lived When Immersed In Love.

“Gu QingChen, didn’t you swear that you would keep her safe? So how safe is she now!?” You HanGuang screamed angrily at the man riding right next to him, only to be ignored as Gu QingChen sped up his speed, speeding past Fu SiNian easily.

“Oi! Goddamn sissy…” You HanGuang grumbled in rage from being ignored as he glared angrily at Gu QingChen, planning to continue screaming at him.

“HanGuang, save your strength!” Fu SiNian reminded him impatiently, “We still have a long way to go.”

“HanGuang, we cannot blame Minister Gu,” Pei JingZhi rode up to his junior brother, calmly comforting him, “It was Yan Gui’s fault, he was too abnormal…”

It all happened a few days ago, where Yan Gui kidnapped the princess, leaving behind a woman with her physique and vibe, the shocking incident was quickly found out by the visiting three men.

All four men immediately rushed all the way to the North, only to find out it had been a clever decoy as the actual Yan Gui had escaped to the South with their princess instead!

So the group of worried men rushed towards the south immediately, but having wasted so much time, it was a really difficult chase, but fortunately, they eventually caught up to Yan Gui by sacrificing their own resting time.

Upon seeing Yan Gui’s temporary residence, the group of men immediately ordered the place surrounded.

You HanGuang pointed randomly at one of his guards. “You! Start scolding Yan Gui vilely so that he’ll come out!”

“Yes sir!” The guard nodded sincerely as he walked up the the gate, “Lord Yan! Please come out and receive your guests…” He screamed loudly at the gate, but was stopped halfway by You HanGuang’s angry kick, “I told you to scold him, not invite him out!” You HanGuang said in disappointment, “Let me show you how it’s done!”

“Sissy chicken with the Yan surname, come out and greet your grandfather immediately! I’m challenging you to three hundred duels, come out if you’re not a scaredy-cat!” He yowled with all his strength, “Stop hiding in your shell like a damn tortoise!”

The grim red gate opened widely and a handsome man walked out lazily, he was wearing a light green coat and a snow white innerwear, magnifying the look of a handsome studious man while emitting the aura of pure power and authority. His eyed the group of men lazily, a malicious glint flashed through his cold eyes as his gaze passed through the four men.

The man was Yan Gui!

His appearance was exactly as rumored as he had the appearance was of elegance and his movements were almost gentleman-like even though he was a warrior.

Somehow, his goodlooks was triggering to You HanGuang, causing him to continue insulting this man, “Yan-dude, I knew you were a good-for-nothing with that lustful annoying face! Give us back the princess or I swear I will knock your teeth out!”

“Go back to where you came from, you crazy dog~” He grinned coldly upon hearing You HanGuang’s words, “Who are you to speak to me like that? And why should I return my wife to anyone but me? My wife is not someone you men can yearn for!”

“Yan Gui, are you revolting against the empire?! Release the princess immediately!” Fu SiNian growled in rage upon hearing Yan Gui refer to their princess as his wife.

“Pfftttt!” Yan Gui laughed heartily at his words, “Revolt? If it wasn’t for my wife, I would’ve started the rebellion a long time ago. So go home and tell the little boy king to stay a good boy and never disturb my wife’s peace, or I will personally take his life!”

“As for you people, you should be more worried for your own safety for the time being…” He chuckled to himself lazily, “The Southern regions have already sent their armies to the country border, and yet, here you are, chasing after a woman. How would your men think of you?”

Fu SiNian’s glared at Yan Gui with bloodshot eyes before rushing forward, attacking him with his sword while You HanGuang, who had been watching at the sidelines, joined in the battle immediately.

“Stop fighting!” Gu QingChen said grimly as he appeared out of thin air, shocking everyone as nobody saw him leave, “Princess QingLuan is not here!” His words caused the two men to stop their attacks as they glared furiously at Yan Gui, “Speak! Where did you send her to?!”

At this exact moment, a servant of Yan Gui rode up to them, his breathing was ragged as he had rushed all the way back as soon as the incident happened, “Lord Yan, the princess had been kidnapped!” He dogeza-ed himself before Yan Gui, trembling as he announced their failure, “It happened so quickly when we were resting the horses. Upon realizing the fragrance of the sleeping drug, this servant immediately checked the princess’s carriage but she was already gone!”

All four men, now five, froze in shock at the news, their mouth agape as they digested the meaning of this incident and surprisingly, You HanGuang was the first one to recover, “Goddamnit! What are we waiting for, let’s go!”

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