The Men at Her Feet – Chp 64

Chapter 64: The Fisherman Who Benefits.

A few hours ago, Princess QingLuan was lazing in her carriage as she watched the scenery from the window when suddenly, a loud sound sounded outside, making her jump.

But in the end, curiosity got the upper hand and she leaned out of the window, only to gasp in shock as she saw the men Yan Gui assigned to her all lying unconscious on the ground, their water pouches were on the ground too, it looked as if someone drugged their drinks.

Princess QingLuan jumped off her carriage, wondering if she should run, but before she could do that, large warm hands covered her eyes from the back of her head, “Little beauty, who am I?” A teasing voice sounded beside her ear, giving her goosebumps.

But the voice sounded oddly familiar, after some thought, she realized it sounded somewhat like the man who had saved her life in the dark alley.

She blinked in realization, her long lashes unintentionally tickling his palms, sending waves of sore itchiness to his heart, “There’ll be a punishment if you guessed wrongly,” The whispers sounded again and a wave of hot air blew into her ear.

“Are you the young knight who saved my life in the alley that night?” She answered quickly upon hearing his disturbing words.

“En, not bad! Young knight sounds so much better than kind man.” He chuckled softly as he released his palms from her eyes and turned her around to face him.

A pair of bright and flirty eyes appeared in her face.

Princess QingLuan gaze at him intently, finally able to see this man’s appearance. He had a very handsome face, with skin as smooth as a woman’s, his long brows were shaped perfectly and he had a nose a high it would make anyone jealous. His thin lips bend upwards in a slight smile at all times and those eyes, so flirty that any woman would end up wet upon meeting eyes with him.

And right now, those eyes were gazing at her unblinkingly, a little laziness and a little nonchalant, similar to Yan Gui’s eyes but still somewhat different, as Yan Gui’s eyes were rebellious and cold, while this man’s eyes were untamable, as if life was nothing but an interesting game to him.

He wore a gentleman’s garments, pale green in color, enhancing his already striking features, making him look like a young man who was filled with justice and hope for the world.

But alas, you can’t judge a book by its cover.

“Then, young knight, are you once again the sparrow that awaits in the dark?” She asked nervously.

“I’m the fisherman who benefits from the fight between the sandpiper and the clam.” He grinned cheerfully as he grabbed her delicate hand in his while gently stroking her palm with his thumb.

“What more can I ask for than to acquire the beauty’s love?” He sighed softly as he pecked her softly on the edge of her lips, “Mmm… such sweetness…” He said slowly, as if he was immediately reminiscing the taste of her lips.

There’s no mistake, this is a lecher! Princess QingLuan felt like her heart might jump out of her chest. She was entirely speechless as she froze at his unending dalliance, her uselessness made her feel like a helpless meat and he was the malicious sharp blade.

Biting down on her lips, she struggled with difficulty as she tried to remove her hands from his, only to be held even firmer and she had no choice but to glare at him angrily, not knowing that her glare looked like a shy and inviting lady.

The man grinned widely like an adorable child if not for his ever-changing emotions in his eyes, It seems that the princess is absolutely oblivious to her own charm on men? This sudden thought flickered through him mind as his heart skipped a beat at her glare, Oh dear god.

“He YuXiang,” He said suddenly,”My name is He YuXiang, pretty princess, is it infinitely imprinted in your pretty brain?” His gaze intensified as waited for her confirmation.

Princess QingLuan paused as she heard the familiar name while scanning it through her mind, Ah! Isn’t He YuXiang the heir of the South? The man who had proposed a marriage of convenience with her years ago, but was, instead, rejected.

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    1. The title was named like this due to the tl of the first chapter actually 🤣 the actual name in Chinese was an idiom that meant something like “the men that captivated by her charms (and those men would usually end up falling in love with her and doing anything she asked)” 🤣🤣🤣

  2. I had my suspicions ever since they mentioned that the Queen Mother tried to wed her off to the south. I had wondered if we would ever meet the prince from there. Lol, and she’s caught again.

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