The Men at Her Feet – Chp 65

Chapter 65: Bewitching Hearts.

“He YuXiang? You’re THE He YuXiang from the South?” She exclaimed loudly in shock that even the hand that was in his firm grip trembled slightly.

Old debts really do haunt you forever… Princess QingLuan sighed to herself softly.

“That I am,” He nodded enthusiastically as he released her hand before pressing his palm against his chest, “My heart has been in pain ever since the princess rejected my marriage proposal…” He sighed deeply while his brows furrowed in sorrow, as if she had broken his heart.

Princess QingLuan stared at his dramatic actions in silence, and knowing that there was no correct response to it, she tried changing the subject.

“Your highness, seeing as our countries are allies, would you be so kind as to send me back to my palace?” She asked gently, testing her luck even though she knew the chances of it succeeding is near to zero as this man had gone through all the trouble to kidnap her.

“Hm…” He took his time answering her question, as if she had demanded for an impossible request, while reaching out a hand to stroke her silky hair, “What should I do? I really want to possess you, body and heart, would you kindly cooperate?” He asked her in return after a long pause, grinning slyly like a fox as he stared at her with his seductive eyes.

His hoarse and magnetic voice made her spine shiver, it was like a siren’s song, full of appeal and allure, but deceptive. She realized that his man was not taking her seriously at all, or maybe he had never treated her seriously ever since the start.

“Do I even have a choice?” She asked tiredly as she stepped away from the man.

“That… Is not for you to decide.” He winked at her mischievously before carrying her up his carriage by the waist.

As they sat closely together in the carriage, he held her hand lovingly in his own while gazing lazily at her, admiring her looks. She was indeed the loveliest woman he had ever laid his eyes upon, and she’s even more beautiful than her paintings that were sent to his country. Her skin was as pale as snow and her lips were naturally red and lush, urging him to take a bite out of her.

She squirmed uncomfortably under his intensive stare, knowing that indecent thoughts were running through his mind, “Your highness, would you kindly let go of my hand?” She asked gently as not to anger this man.

“Does that mean I’m allowed to continue holding your hand if I refuse your request?” He asked teasingly as he twisted her words easily.

“But it’s hot…” She answered weakly as she tried in vain to retract her hand from his grip.

“Hot huh?” He YuXiang replied thoughtfully before rubbing the back of her hand and her palms with both his hands furiously, the sudden heat somehow managed to give her goosebumps.

Finally ending his crazed rubbing, he lifted her warm red hand to his lips before blowing on it gently, as if intending to cool it down, “My greatest wish was to live an average life with the love of my life, it would be a great honor to me… even if I’m fated to die right away.”

She gaped at him speechlessly as this was the first time she met such a shameless flirt, “Please stop joking, your highness!”

He lips bend upwards in a fox-like grin as he leaned closer to her, still holding her hand firmly in his, “And do you know, I get aroused every time I recall your moans from that day~” As he finished his words, he moved her hands to the huge bump between his legs, “Princess, can you feel his excitement for you?”

“Eh?!” She cried out in shock, struggling to remove her hand from his vile area, unintentionally rubbing it, causing it to expand to an even larger size under her palm, she could even feel his veins pulsing as it grew!

He smiled widely at her as their eyes met, her eyes were filled with helplessness and despair while his eyes were filled with unrestrained hunger.

“Why don’t you give him some warmth and comfort?” He asked cheerfully as he removed his pants with her hand before placing her hand on his huge beastly shaft. He wrapped her hand around his shaft as he guided her like a wonderful teacher, grinning in satisfaction at her slender hand that looked so tiny beside his hardness.

Her eyes burned and her body trembled as she stared at the amazingly sized object in her hand, How could a man who looked so decent and gentlemanly possess such a domineering beastly shaft!?

“He misses you a lot…” He growled deeply into her ear as a jolt went up her spine, her face flushed scarlet at the lingering warmth on her ear and the growing numbness on her palm.

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