The Men at Her Feet – Chp 66

Chapter 66: We Need A Talk.

Princess QingLuan never thought that one day she would wish to be like Brother Yan Gui, to have another QingLuan inside of her, one that is sly and violent, that would never think twice before ripping off the burning hardness from this horrible man.

But alas, there was no other QingLuan and she, on the other hand, does not have the guts to do it…

“Your highness, won’t you release me from this torture?” She asked him weakly, not giving up on hope.

“Don’t worry, all I want is to have a long talk with you.” He YuXiang smiled gently in reply.

This… A talk?!… Princess QingLuan gaped speechlessly at him.

And hence, the trembling pale hand was once again gripped firmly and was made to stroke his burning hardness back and forth endlessly.

Tears of shame filled her eyes and Princess QingLuan immediately shut her eyes tightly together as she could not bear to watch herself perform such a lewd act, only to realize that hiding from the view would only intensify the feeling on her hand. And in her horror, she realized that she could feel every single pulse of his veins through his burning skin even though her hand was already sore and numb from the unending stroking.

Meanwhile, the culprit beside Princess QingLuan, had narrowed his eyes lazily as he enjoyed her gentle stroking, like a cat enjoying its owner’s caresses.

He had already released his grip on her, but her tiny palm and slender fingers continued on diligently, her hand trembled slightly as she stroked him shyly, such gentleness, such bliss…

The slow and lingering pleasure was enough to send him to the heavens, but he needed more! His strong hand gripped hers strongly, forcing her to grip him firmly before moving her hand swiftly back and forth.

As a dependent imperial princess who had never touched a single chore, her hands were not suited to such a difficult labor, her hardworking hand soon swelled up painfully as it turned bright red.

After what felt like forever, the stubbornly solid shaft started twitching furiously before releasing a huge load of half-translucent seeds, and to her dismay, the man had cupped her palm around the tip of his shaft before doing so.

And as the scent filled up the entire carriage, she covered her burning face with her clean hand in shame, hiding her hand from her view as she could no longer bear to stare at her stained hand, which was now dripping with his vile seeds.

He YuXiang smiled with satisfaction as he wiped her stained beautiful hand with an exquisite cloth. And just when she sighed in relief, thinking that their talk was over, his strong arms wrapped around her in a tight hug, pulling her onto his lap.

“You know, I was actually really curious about the princess who rejected my marriage proposal without even granting me a single audience,” He chuckled deeply, breathing in the sweet flowery scent on her neck, “But after seeing you in person, I realized that you’re always in deep trouble!”

“He YuXiang, let go of me!” Feeling her neck tingle from his lingering breath, she exclaimed loudly as she tried to push him away, “Do you think you’re a dog?”

“Yes, in fact my zodiac is a dog,” He chuckled cheekily as her face turned red from frustration, “Why else do you think I can always save you from trouble?”

“My dear princess, let’s get married tonight!” He YuXiang said suddenly, changing the topic so suddenly that she stared at him with a confused expression.

Upon finishing his words, without waiting for a reaction from her, he leaned in for a kiss, taking advantage of her agape lips as she stayed confused. He tasted the inside of her sweet mouth thoroughly before tackling her delicate tongue professionally, preventing her from retaliating.

Without realizing it, her body had already gone limp from his teasing and she laid weakly against his chest as he dominated her mouth, it felt like the entire insides of her mouth was already his territory. Meanwhile, his hands were busying themselves with caressing her perfect buttocks through her dress adoringly.

“He… Y…your h…highness, w…wait…” She gasped weakly as she pushed against him and sat up, putting a small distance between their faces, “An imperial princess’s wedding should not be done so casually, it’s better to send me home as I prepare thoroughly for our wedding!” She exclaimed loudly, racking her brains out to delay this crazy prince in hope of making time for her brother to send reinforcements.

As a prince and heir of a foreign country, he saw through her plans easily, though he did not admit it, “Do not worry, our glamorous and extravagant wedding was already well-prepared, the only thing missing is you, the bride!”

Princess QingLuan almost bit her tongue at his response, “W…wait! The customs in our countries are very different, you must at least let me examine it before we wed!”

“Alright, let’s do it your way then,” He sighed softly as if in resign, and before she could release a sigh of relief, he grinned cheerfully as he continued on, “In that case, let us go straight to the married couple’s late night talk right now. Don’t worry, we’ll start with the marriage procedures after you’re satisfied with my preparations!”

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