The Men at Her Feet – Chp 67

Chapter 67: Where Are Your Manners?

If having a talk ended up in a handjob, a late night talk will definitely not end favorably for her.

In her panic, she stood up suddenly before flinching at the sharp pain that was coming from her abdomen while her face turned pale at a blink of an eye.

“What happened?!”He YuXiang exclaimed in shock as she laid weakly in his arms.

“I think it’s my time of the month…” She answered weakly as she bit down on her lips, as if enduring extreme pain.

Being a man, and a prince even, he had no idea what she meant, but the woman in his arms seemed to be suffering a lot, “Go to the nearest city!” He ordered his men in a panic and waited worriedly as they went on their way.

Upon reaching the city, He YuXiang jumped off the carriage with her in his arms and rushed towards a clinic, scaring the other patients and shocking the doctor when he burst into the clinic with a woman in his arms as everyone wondered if the woman had been inflicted with an incurable sickness.

Fortunately, the doctor was very experienced in the medical field and quickly realize that it was none other than a woman’s monthly bleeding. He prepared a bowl of medicine soup to ease her pain before patiently explaining the situation to He YuXiang that it usually hurts a lot on the first day of the bleeding.

He YuXiang sighed with relief as he carried the drowsy princess back into his carriage, laying her down comfortably on his lap and he caressed the sleeping woman’s cheeks gently and chuckling as she grabbed his hand and placed it on her stomach instead.

Meanwhile, Princess QingLuan who was in a daze, were turning around in her sleep as she rubbed her face happily at the comfortable warm bed, she smiled in satisfaction as she dozed off, praising the hardworking hand-maiden who had been smart enough to place a warming pot at her stomach.
(TNote: “Hand”-maiden indeed tbh haha .w.)

He YuXiang’s lips turned into a wry smile as he stared at the sleeping princess on his lap. His initial plan was to build up a friendly relationship and enjoy everlasting bliss with her during this long trip, but now that plan was ruined as he would only watch the drool-inducing delicacy on his lap.

Her squirming was making his abdomen burn up dangerously and she even had the nerve to use his hand as a stomach warmer, I guess good things never come easily… he sighed deeply as he cursed his luck.

“Hmph, we shall see when you’re awake,” He growled deeply at her sleeping face as he poked her delicate nose hatefully.

The sky had already darkened when Princess QingLuan woke up, she stared around blankly before remembering that she was kidnapped once again by a man, but this time, it was a prince from the south.

The crew were now resting in a secluded inn near the beautiful forest, the innkeeper who greeted then when they entered was of commoner birth and he knew immediately that this group of men were probably nobles or royalty from the way they dressed.

“Lords, we apologize for the lack of hospitality,” He greeted them nervously before continuing on, “But we can only offer egg yolk noodles and fried rice with egg here, would it be acceptable? Which one would you like to order?”

“Fried rice with egg!” Two voices sounded up, replying at the same time.

He YuXiang stared fondly at the woman next to him, convinced that they’re meant to be together, See? We’re definitely soulmates!

Meanwhile the woman who as supposed to be soulmate, had not noticed the incidental coincidence at all as she was still drowning in happiness at the fact that her “time” has come, this would mean no men can touch her!

He YuXiang shook his head and chuckled slightly at her happiness, although her current facial expressions were somewhat triggering him to subdue her on the spot right away.

The innkeeper served the two plates of fried rice quickly and Princess QingLuan immediately took a huge bite, her eyes softening at the wonderful homely taste, this was exactly how she had expected the common food to taste like, filling her up with warmth and love.

He YuXiang finished up his plate swiftly before resting his chin on his palms, watching the satisfied princess gobble down her food but still managing to appear elegant, “Xie QingLuan, honestly, you don’t seem like a princess to me, seeing as you fit into the commoner life so naturally.”

“He YuXiang, you too, don’t seem like the heir of a country to me, as there was not an inch of seriousness and decency in you…” She answered him lazily as she took another bite out of her wonderful fried rice.

His eyes lit up brightly upon hearing her words while his face moved in swiftly towards her, “Don’t move!”

She stared at him nervously, thinking that he would land a kiss on her lips, but instead, his tongue licked the edge of her lips swiftly before pulling back, “There was a lone rice on your cheeks,” He grinned teasingly at her frozen expression.

“He YuXiang, how could you tease me in public, where are your common courtesies?” She exclaimed in anger as her face burned shamefully at his actions.

Arching his brows cheekily, he leaned towards her once again, breathing in deeply before continuing, “I can lose even more of my courtesy, if you wish to see~”

Forget it! As a strong woman I will not argue with such a childish man! She sighed deeply before continuing her meal silently… It would’ve been a normal meal if not for the cloth she was holding on one hand that would wipe her lips every time she took a bite.

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