The Men at Her Feet – Chp 69

Chapter 69: We’ll Meet Again Soon.

Princess QingLuan sulked silently on her seat as the carriage continued on its way, “My dear princess, am I only a mountain thief to you?” He YuXiang chuckled as he teased her.

“What’s the difference between your highness’s actions as compared a mountain thief?” She retorted back immediately, her face turning red with rage.

He reacted to her words with an upset face, big eyes big and teary as he knelt down with one leg before her, covering her eyes with a strip of green cloth, “In that case, you shall be my queen tonight~” He breath deeply into her ears cheekily.
(TNote: Mountain thieves such as those who would block merchant carriages to steal goods/money/women, and the strongest would usually be the leader/king of the mountain. Usually, if they find good women, the leader might claim her to be his wife.)

She flinched and goosebumps ran down her neck as the hot breath lingered, cursing tiredly at the blessing that lasted for only three days.

Tonight, the beast would feast.

She did not know where she had been taken to, as the blindfold had not been undone throughout the remaining trip, but it felt like they went deep into a forest and at the last step, He YuXiang had to fly upwards while carrying her in his arms. She shivered at the cold air and not realizing it, she cuddled warmly against his chest.

He YuXiang untied her blindfold when they landed and she gaze around in awe. They were currently on a luxurious building on the top of a mountain, the surroundings were filled with greens and the place was so high up that the clouds were floating below her. The entire place is magnificent.

She was quickly lead away by a group of hand-maidens like a lamb waiting to be slaughtered, they cleaned her body thoroughly and dressed her up exquisitely before sending her into a decorated red room like a bride waiting for her man.

He YuXiang entered not long after, his figure looming over her. He was, too, dressed in red, so red that it could burn her eyes, and he looked horribly handsome as the burning red groom attire complemented his already striking features perfectly.

He lifted the red cloth that was over her head gently before gazing intently at the delicate face that was revealed, his mouth went slightly agape as he stared, dazed by the face within.

The face that was usually left natural, was now slightly colored, enhancing her already beautiful and exquisite features. Her skin was smoother than ever while her cheeks shone rosy pink, her brows were drawn longer and darker, contrasting perfectly against her large tear-filled eyes. She was radiant, so mature and so beautiful.

He lifted up her chin up as he noticed her holding back her tears forcefully, “Is marrying me such a disgrace to you?”

“He YuXiang, can you stop this nonsense?!” Princess QingLuan said as she forced her chin out of his grip, “Why are you doing this to me? Is this your revenge for me rejecting your marriage proposal from before?!”

“En…” He walked over to the side table and poured himself a drink while he went deep in thought, but before long, he poured another cup of wine and offered it to her, “That was indeed what I had in mind previously, but after interacting with you, I sincerely feel that we’re the perfect match.” He chuckled softly as he spoke his mind, “I’m not like a prince, and you’re not like a princess, I’m someone who crave for freedom and you’re someone who can adapt to any situation…”

“If we’re not a match made in heaven, then who?” He took a mouthful of the wine before clamping his lips onto hers before passing the wine into her mouth, he held her delicate tongue down firmly with his, causing the scorching wine to flow freely down her throat.

Princess QingLuan coughed and tears filled her eyes at the intense wine, “Did you not say that you won’t force someone to submit? That you prefer it when both sides consented?” She forced out weakly, “I don’t like you at all so how is this even consensual!?”

“Do you remember the guards Yan Gui assigned to you, my dear princess?” He chuckled deeply before sitting down on a chair nearby, narrowing his eyes at her as if waiting for his prey to show up, “I always do prefer using medicine as compared to martial skills…”

“He YuXiang, what was in the drink!?” She cried out in alarm as she felt her body heating up gradually.

“It’s the wine of love!” He replied gently as his eyes softened, “I’m already shaking with excitement at the thought of your receiving your love.”

Princess QingLuan laid weakly on the bed, gasping with extreme discomfort as her body grew hotter with each passing seconds.

“Your highness! His Majesty orders you to return immediately!” A loud voice sounded from outside the room.

He YuXiang frowned slightly before replying in annoyance, “Tell my father that a second of spring costs millions!”

“His Majesty insisted that the lost millions would eventually come back to you!” The same voice sounded firmly, while another panicked voice sounded up, “Your highness, we’re being attacked!”

“Such horrible luck…” He YuXiang sighed softly, gazing at the squirming and confused woman on the bed, “Damn those lucky bastards!”

He rushed swiftly to her side, holding her in a tight hug and kissing her deep and long, before laying her back on the bed, “My princess, we’ll surely meet again soon.” He whispered into her ear before leaving the room in silence.

Translator’s Note:
Such a sly man, but such terrible luck ;w;

I guess chapter 69 was not meant to be an actual 69 *shrugs* ahhahaa

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