The Men at Her Feet – Chp 7

Chapter 7: Repeating The Same Mistakes.

Ever since returning from the forest, Princess QingLuan had locked herself in her room, deep in thoughts about her past life. She didn’t know how she was chosen to be reborn, maybe her tragic past life moved god and she was given a second chance.

She sighed as she looked up at the shining moon, it was a sleepless night for her.

A flicking thought crossed her mind. Could it be Yan Gui? she thought.

Yan Gui, also known as Yan Wang, was her fiancee. She recalled him starting a rebellion in her name in her past life. But this got her thinking, what if the rebellion was not for her revenge, what if he needed a reason to start a rebellion?

Her only wish is that things won’t happen the same way in this life, this is her second chance after all.

This was when she caught sight of her sword, the sudden thought of releasing stress made her picked it up and left her living room.

Fu SiNian thought of many different ways of meeting the princess, but never like this.

Princess QingLuan was sword dancing. She was wearing a scarlet gown, which moved with her body as she moved in sync with the sword martial arts. Her slender arms played with the sword like it was another part of her. She was strong and independent, she was someone who needs to be free.

Fu SiNian stared at her in a daze, watching her sword dancing somehow ignited a flame in him and an uncontrollable urge rose up inside of him. He understood her need for freedom, but seeing her like this makes him desire her more so.

Princess QingLuan stopped suddenly, she stood there, still as a rock, with her eyes closed and her sword still in her hand. She was feeling her surroundings, enjoying the slight breeze brushing her face every so and then.

Fu SiNian took a deep breathe and walked towards her, gently and carefully.

She knew someone was walking close to her, she did not know who it was as her back was facing the stranger, hence she did not see how gentle Fu SiNian’s eyes were as they land on her.

As the footsteps got closer, she turn backwards and strike out with her sword without hesitation. Her eyes blinked in surprise as she realized the person was Fu SiNian.

His gentle expression was gone the moment she attacked him, he stared at her and grinned, “Princess, are you seducing me with your dance? Is that your intention?”

Without waiting for a reply, he shook* the sword out of her hands. He struck her acupuncture point before she could scream for help.
(*TNote: As this is a xianxia, apparently internal force exists. Cultivators with a high level of internal force and can shoot it long distance/transmit it through touch.)

He lifted her up and looked into her eyes affectionately, “Save your strength, princess, we’re having a talk,” He chuckled, as he walked towards her living quarters with her in his arms.

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