The Men at Her Feet – Chp 71

Chapter 71: Grace And Elegance.

As his fingers worked magic upon her aroused bud, shameless nectar flowed unendingly from her slightly agape parts, which was like a tiny mouth that trembled in anticipation and he could not help but stick a single finger in.

Her uneven walls clamped down warmly around his finger, meanwhile Princess QingLuan’s body began trembling in pleasure. She lifted up her head and stared straight into his eyes.

“Princess… Is this correct?” Gu QingChen asked softly, his voice hoarse and deep as it was filled with emotions. She blinked softly at his question, she could not comprehend his current question as her gaze were glued to his moving lips, so attractive that she felt the impulse of taking a bite.

And she did.

With her eyes closed, she stamped her lips onto his without a second thought, but both froze in their tracks. And without noticing who took the first initiative, their lips opened slightly as their tongues met, curling around each other like lovers. The kiss was soft and gentle, but filled to the brim with passion and adoration.

His fingers did not stop, and before she realized it, he was already on top of her while she stayed lying face up on the bed. She shut her eyes tightly together as she allowed his fingers to violate her, silently enjoying the love and care he was treating her with.

After noticing that she was well-prepared to take a man, Gu QingChen drew back his fingers before placing them beside her while he stared at her shut eyes gently.

Princess QingLuan opened her eyes when she felt his fingers leaving her and their gazes met, he was still so handsome, so elegant… His eyes were clear and calm, as if nothing could ever corrupt them.

He reached out a long slender finger and tucked her stray hair behind her ear before caressing her cheeks adoringly, “Princess, would you like this one to continue?” He asked gently, ready to stop everything at once if it would make his princess upset.

“En… Please do…” Princess QingLuan murmured softly as her face burned, but after a moment’s hesitation, she lifted her abdomen to rub against his warm hardened parts.

“Princess, what should I do?” He whispered softly into her ear.

Princess QingLuan, though she was not new to this, could not answer such a shameful question, as she was taught all her life that women should be filled with grace and elegance, and those teachings had been engraved deeply into her blood and bones.

But nonetheless, she was very desperate and with one sudden push, she flipped him over and leaned on top of his body.

She searched for his upright shaft blindly as her eyes were slightly blurred, trying her best to remove the obstructive cloths with her limped hands before grabbing ahold of his burning hardness with her tiny hand. She felt it expand and grew in size as her fingers wrapped around him while slowly moving her body, aiming her soaked and leaking softness at his burning hardness before sitting down.

Princess QingLuan’s mind went blank the moment she sat down on him, confused on what she needed to do as this was her first time taking the initiative.

Gu QingChen chuckled softly at her adorable actions before wrapping his hands around her slender waist, steadying her body while making sure she’s not in any kind of discomfort before leaning up his upper body, hugging her tight against his chest.

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  1. Oh I love gqc too! They are so adorable lol both looks so innocent

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  2. I must say that out of all men I only liked his treatment towards princess so far….and if he is really so caring, loving and respectful towards her then in my opinion only he deserves her

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