The Men at Her Feet – Chp 72

Chapter 72: Gentle Longings.

He raised her gently by the waist, staring intently into her eyes before slowly pushed her down onto his upright hardness. A soft moan escaped her agape lips as she laid weakly in his arms while his hot shaft burned within her.

Gu QingChen grinned slightly as he stared at the woman wrapped in his arms, she looked as beautiful as the first time he had met her. This was the woman he sought to protect, regardless if he did it as her man or as her shadow.

He sighed softly as her warm walls wrapped tightly around him, this was all he had ever wanted, and he did, luckily. If he were to die for her right now, he would die willingly, with no regrets.

She was the only woman who could manipulate his feelings, just like how he only had feelings for her and her alone.

He leaned towards her, gently taking her soft lush lips in his, tasting her sweetness carefully before leaning his head against the crook of her neck, imprinting her alluring scent in his mind while landing soft kisses on her neck.

Princess QingLuan gasped softly as she drowned in his need for her, her sweet nectar leaked out from their closely attached parts.

Gu QingChen frowned deeply, controlling his desperate need as he suckled her skin softly, moving slowly from her neck to her shoulders, leaving behind evidences of his gentle care on her.

Princess QingLuan could feel his burning shaft expand within her walls as he grazed through her skin, savoring her slowly and carefully, as if afraif that she would disappear in a blink of an eye.

She trembled softly at his gentle care while her abdomen burned with like lava, “En… Minister Gu, I feel uncomfortable…” She whimpered into his ears.

“Should I leave?” He asked worriedly, as he did not want her to feel any discomfort from him.

“Can you… move a little bit?” She sobbed softly at his idleness as her walls trembled in need.

“Oh…” He froze for a moment before a slight grin spread across his face as he laid her on the bed and wrapped her legs around his waist, “My princess, this one will obey your orders.”

With a swift thrust, he buried himself deep within her soaked walls before moving swiftly, eager to satisfy the love of his life.

Moans of pleasure escaped Princess QingLuan’s lush lips as he went deeper and deeper into her, her walls contracted around him uncontrollably as his endless thrusting burned through her sensitive areas.

He gasped deeply while his forehead were filled with layers of sweat as he felt her already tight walls clamped down furiously on him, making it hard to move. He took a deep breath and not wanting to stop as it would disappoint her, he thrust deep and hard into her.

He would no longer enter he softly, as her tightened walls would not allow him to, instead, he would force himself into her and rammed her walls as her insides trembled furiously with glee.

As he rammed her, hard and swift, causing her twin bunnies to bounce around wildly as he held her firmly around the waist, steadying her and holding her in place.

With one deep thrust, he held her tightly in his arms before laying down on his back. Her full bosoms crushed down upon his solid chest, rubbing against each other intimately.

Ignoring the arising feeling of shame at the lewd appearance of her sweaty bosoms, she wrapped her slender arms around his shoulders, holding him close to her heart as she allowed him to take control of her body and soul.

His warm palms grazed softly throughout her smooth back before embracing her tightly, responding to her ever so gently.

She cried out loudly as her walls tightened up furiously at his endless ramming and a wave of bliss crashed through her entire body.

Her eyes were half closed while his eyes watched her silently while their hot bodies grind against each other, his enormous hardness moved slickly through her soaked walls, pushing her to her limit.

At long last, with her back arched and her head held back, she let out a small cry as her mind went blank at the sudden explosive wave that spread through her entire body. Her sweet nectar burst furiously out of her cervix, and with a final ram, he released his entire load deep into her, causing both waves to meld into one before splashing out of their tightly attached parts.

They embraced each other silently, breathing deeply as they enjoyed the scent of love and bliss, savoring the lingering feelings while it lasted.

Translator’s Note:
⁄(⁄ ⁄ ⁄ω⁄ ⁄ ⁄)⁄ HOT DAMN! An occasional loving and gentle smut scene really brings up the heat in a NP “mostly” rape novel (´▽`) ahhahahha

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  1. Waw he is the best man .. even thought i prefer the rough one but well he seem love her dearly .. thnks fr the chap ♡

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