The Men at Her Feet – Chp 73

Chapter 73: Flawless.

As the adrenaline rush faded and her head began to clear, she stared in horror at the man beneath her. Gu QingChen was staring at her with his usual gentle smile, his obsidian eyes, still as clear as water, except this time there was a deep passionate flame burning within, which somehow coexisted with the calm water perfectly.

What have I done? Princess QingLuan thought in horror as she stared at their still intimately attached parts, How could I force myself upon the cleanest and purest man I’ve ever known!

She squirmed in discomfort as guilt filled through her, she was extremely flustered at her horrible actions and struggled to leave this awkward position.

She could not meet his eyes, not with her dirtied ones, plus she would not be able to bear it if he stared at her in disgust. He was such a perfect man, always treating her so carefully and gently, so perfect that she refused to even consider taking him as her husband as it would be a stain and an insult to him.

Princess QingLuan glanced away in pain, her eyes catching her own reflection in the nearby mirror, crying out in shock.

“Ah!” She screamed in dismay, as her makeup was totally ruined from her sweat and tears from before while her lips looked huge and swollen as her lipstick had smudged everywhere. Oh my god! How could he even make himself kiss me! She screamed internally as she covered her face with both her hands in shame.

“Princess, do you feel any discomfort?” Gu QingChen asked worriedly as he felt her distress, only to be ignored by her as she blocked her face from his view.

He chuckled softly at her adorable expressions and wrapped her up in a thick layer of blankets before carrying her in his arms like a princess.

Princess QingLuan saw her surroundings blurred but when she blinked, she noticed that he had carried her a secluded building in the mountains. He laid her gently on a room before removing the blankets from her.

She gazes around curiously, her eyes widening as she stared the beautiful scenery, filled with flowers and greeneries, before landing her gaze on the private hot spring that was right in the middle of the elegant garden.

Hot steam filled the air as the hot spring bubbled, while the lanterns nearby lit the place dimly, it felt so pleasant that she would’ve fallen asleep just by watching the steam.

“Princess, the hot spring will wash away all of your exhaustion,” Gu QingChen whispered gently into her ear, slowly taking off her cloak before carefully leading her towards the hot spring hand-in-hand, making sure that she don’t slip and fall.

“Please mind your steps,” He said gently as he steadied her by the shoulders, before letting go as soon as she nodded slightly.

Princess QingLuan gazed into the hot spring, noticing the steep steps within, she smiled gently at him in thanks before testing the water with her toes. Realizing that the temperature was absolutely perfect, she slowly lowered her tired body fully into the hot spring, sighing contently as the warm water washed away all the pent up stress and exhaustion from her body.

She splashed some water on her face, sighing in regret at the shallow water, if it was a little deeper she could’ve swam around without embarrassing herself in front of the gentle Minister Gu.

After cleaning the grime and sweat from her face, a loud splash sounded nearby and she turned her head towards the noise, only to see that he too, had entered the hot spring.

His naked torso gleamed softly under the clear moonlight as droplets of water lingered seductively upon his skin, reflecting the moonlight and enhancing his beauty.

He was the prime minister of her country, hence his body was slender and filled with lean muscles, unlike the rough muscular militants. He looked like an angel, so handsome and flawless.

Noticing her gaze, Gu QingChen turned his gaze towards her, grinning slightly as he noticed her staring at him dumbfounded.

His grin sent a jolt of shivers up her spine, and perhaps it was the lingering effects of the aphrodisiac or the warm heat from the hot spring, she felt her body trembled in anticipation as the familiar heat started burning through her body, filling her with an unknown hunger. She lowered her head, avoiding his gentle gaze as she clamped her thighs together, silently grinding them together at the hollowness she felt deep within her.

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