The Men at Her Feet – Chp 74

Chapter 74: Tender Care.

Noticing her discomfort, he moved slowly to her before kneeling down beside her, “Princess, are you uncomfortable sitting here?” He asked gently and soothingly.

Princess QingLuan stared at him in a daze, absorbed by his sincere gaze, and nodded before she realized it.

He carried her in his arms as if she was weightless as move slowly to the middle of the hot spring. He took extra care as he did so, hugging her tight to his chest before staring at her adoringly, they would’ve looked like lovebirds if it wasn’t for the fact that both man and woman were stark naked.

To her surprise, there was a jade statue in the shape of a lotus right in the middle of the hot spring, and right now, it was the perfect chair to lean onto.

Gu QingChen laid the woman in his arms gently onto the jade lotus before kneeling down next to her as he leaned his head against one of the jade petals. His head were slightly lifted while he stared at the star-filled sky, deep in thoughts.

Princess QingLuan laid lazily on the jade lotus, sighing contently as the hot bubbling water washed away the tiredness from her body, before remembering that there was a man beside her!

She turned her gaze towards the man beside her, and even though she felt embarrassed that they were both stark naked, she hesitated in telling him to leave as he had protected and helped her in her times of need.

With no other choice, she wrapped her arm around her chest while her other hand moved downwards, intending to hide her softness from his view. She did not know that a woman who was half-exposed is usually more alluring and sexy than a fully exposed woman, as it would usually ignite wild imaginations and fantasies from a man.

She could not see it from her angle, but the man who had been deep in thought previously, now had his sights fixed intendly on her as he gaze upon her squirming actions in appreciation.

Satisfied with hiding her crucial parts from view, Princess QingLuan once again leaned comfortably against the jade lotus. The warm moving water moved through her skin gently and unendingly, as if leaving marks of hot kisses on her skin.

She felt like taking a nap, but the hot water had somehow fully relieved her of her weariness, and the hot kisses filled her with a sudden need and hollowness. Her hand, which had been covering her softness, twitched ever so slightly before moving slowly towards her petals. Her face flushed scarlet as she hoped that the man beside her would not notice her subtle movements.

Unfortunately for her, Gu QingChen had been staring at her intently, hence her subtle movements did not escape his eyes. He reached out swiftly, grabbing ahold of her naughty hand before she could push it deep into herself.

Princess QingLuan kept her eyes downcast as shame filled through her at being caught red-handed by him, for a moment she almost felt like drowning herself inside the hot spring if only to escape from this awkward situation.

Meanwhile, Gu QingChen had already released his grip on her hand and leaned over towards her slowly. He lifted her into a sitting position, and before she could react, he spread her thighs apart before placing them on both sides on the petals of the jade lotus.

Gu QingChen reached out a hand towards her drenched petals, stroking them gently before entering her with a long slender finger, “Princess, is it itchy inside?” He murmured soothingly in a deep voice.

Princess QingLuan bit down nervously on her lips, unsure and unable to reply to his question, while her walls trembled in anticipation as it clamped down tightly around his finger, answering his question silently.

Noticing her embarrassment and refusal on answering his question, he moved his buried finger firmly, moving swiftly in and out of her while his thumb stroked her aroused bud occasionally.

Princess QingLuan covered her agape mouth with both palms, silencing her escaped moans, but under his intense care, her body went limp quickly. In no time, her hands hanged weakly beside her body and unrestrained moans of pleasure escaped through her slightly agape lips.

Satisfied at her response, he buried his finger deeply into her in a sudden thrust, causing a huge wave of sweet nectar to burst out of her trembling body.

He extracted his finger from her soaked walls, while his palms were filled to the brim with her sweet nectar, “Princess, do you feel better now?” He asked softly as he moved his gaze away from his drenched hand.

Princess QingLuan, who had been gasping for air, gazed up at him blankly, nodding her head subconsciously at his voice as their eyes met, hers eyes were in a daze while his eyes were tender with adoration.

“Would you like to feel even more better?” He continued softly as he gazed intently at her.

She nodded slightly while her face burned, her eyes stayed half-closed as she reminisced the pleasure she felt just moments ago, only to widen in shock as the man buried his entire face suddenly in between her thighs while landing his gentle kisses upon her leaking softness.

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