The Men at Her Feet – Chp 75

Chapter 75: Side Effects?

Princess QingLuan froze in her tracks as her body reared away from him, only to realize that she was already held firmly in place by his strong hands, preventing her from struggling or escaping.

She stared at the head between her thighs in shock and awe, her heart filled to the brim with warmth when she realized that Gu QingChen willingly sacrificed himself to break her free from the clutches of the aphrodisiac.

Her eyed were glued to him, wide with shock and at the same time, tinged with shyness. His tongue flickered over her drenched petals, kissing them apart gently before slithering into her leaking abyss, thoroughly appreciating the warm clenching of her walls with the tip of his tongue.

A jolt of shock went through her abdomen and she felt her insides trembled slightly at the sensation, while her walls contracted uncontrollably as waves of nectar leaked.

But to her horror, Gu QingChen suckled onto her leaking nectar hungrily while his tongue curled and moved within her walls, as if encouraging her to produce more of the nectar he craved. Her ears burnt like lava at the mind-boiling sound of gulping as he swallowed her sweet nectar in gulps, spilling not a single drop.

She flinched uncontrollably as waves of shame and delight filled within her while her thighs tried to clamp shut, but it was to no avail as he would not allow her to. Unable to shut her thighs together, she could only flinch in respond whenever his warmth flickered through her sensitive spots, only for her body to go limp when waves of lava burned throughout her whole body in an unending loop.

After what felt like forever, Gu QingChen retracted his tongue from her walls, kissing her drenched petals as if saying goodbye, before bestowing his extreme care on her aroused and swollen bud. He kissed it softly in greeting, before going in circles around her swollen bud, sometimes flickering it, sometimes nuzzling it.

Princess QingLuan cried out in alarm at his actions, her limp arms pushed against him uselessly, “A…ah…. Y…you N…no…” She whimpered desperately while her eyes were filled to the brim with tears as she struggled weakly against him, unsure if it was due to the intense stimulation or from the extreme comfortable sensation.

Gu QingChen raised his head slowly towards her, and as his deep and gentle eyes met her tear-filled eyes, her struggling paused in a sudden halt as she went into a blank daze.

Before she could recover from her dazed state, her petals were once again spread apart as a huge burning object entered her fully drenched walls easily, so smoothly that it went straight into her deepest parts.

But Gu QingChen did not move, even though he was already fully buried within her, instead, his head moved towards her adorably tiny ears, kissing and suckling gently as he enjoyed her soft moaning while her body relaxed at his comfortable care.

His lips trailed through her pale shoulders, kissing her adoringly, leaving behind nothing but his love on her as purple evidences appeared one after the other.

He wrapped his arms around her back to hold her up, exposing her full bosoms nearer to his face before landing a huge kiss on it. He nibbled her fullness softly before wrapping his tongue around her perky pink beans, swirling and tasting them before suckling and nibbling the tip.

Princess QingLuan could do nothing but gasping as she no longer had the strength to even moan while her body lay limply under his gaze.

Meanwhile, Gu QingChen’s hands moved downwards from her back, holding on firmly to her waist before reaching back for a thrust. His bulging shaft slithered out of her easily before entering her once again.

Right after that, he flipped her around and gently placed her face down on the jade lotus while lifting her round buttocks high, before entering her even deeper than before.

He leaned downwards, leaving trails of kisses on her smooth back while his strong palms reached forward to cup her bosoms. Her huge bosoms, which dangled heavily from her chest, bounced around wildly to his movements, while her perky beans rubbed back and forth against his palms, leaving behind a numb and tingling sensation.

He rubbed her smooth and soft bosoms greedily with his palms while his ramming picked up speed as it went deeper and deeper with each thrust, causing her walls to clench down tightly as her sweet nectar leaked uncontrollably, staining her thighs fully.

“S…softer…” Princess QingLuan begged weakly while squirming her buttocks, silently begging for mercy, but Gu QingChen did not comply to her current wish like he always did, instead, he lifted her buttocks higher up before ramming her a final time, the tip of his shaft pushing hard against the walls of her cervix. A loud and weakened gasp escaped her lush lips as her walls clenched down tightly around his intruding shaft as if in retort.

Gu QingChen paused slightly as his eyes narrowed at the sight of their tightly attached parts, her bottom lips, which were biting onto his huge shaft greedily, were red and somewhat swollen. And with his continued ramming, flashes of her pink meaty walls would spilled out slightly whenever he pulled back, only to be pushed back into her when he entered her once again, but this scene only caused his eyes to darkened as his ramming became more violent.

Streams of nectar escaped her violently in sync with his thrusting, drenching both of their thighs in streams.

Princess QingLuan wondered if the aphrodisiac was somehow transferred to him, Could this be the side effect of a man attempting to cure me of this horrible poison?

But as he took her with all his might, her thought slowly dispersed as her body drowned in bliss. Her unrestrained moaning echoed throughout the entire garden as she willingly left her body to his care while he hugged her tightly, trembling along with her.

The star-filled night sky transformed into a huge fireworks as the building sensation reached her head before ending up in a loud explosion. Lava burned through her entire body as a huge wave crashed out of her, she felt like she was floating on clouds as violent waves of bliss soothed her soul.

The lingering sensation did not fade even when her eyes finally shut tightly together as she fell into a deep slumber.

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