The Men at Her Feet – Chp 76

Chapter 76: Killing Intent.

When Princess QingLuan finally came to, she found herself in an unfamiliar but simple room, she could even hear the occasional crowing of a rooster and the barking of a dog.

She sat up slowly from the bed, her eyes widen in surprised as she realized that she was dressed in rough cloths, like a plain villager.

The door to the cottage was pushed open and an old woman walked in, smiling gently as she landed her gaze on Princess QingLuan, “Young lady, you’re awake?”

“Grandma, where is this place?” Princess QingLuan asked softly while nodding in respond.

“This is Village LuHua, and I am Grandma Sun,” She answered patiently, “Your husband is already awake, he even helped this old woman in preparing breakfast, come join us!”

“My husband?” Princess QingLuan froze in her tracks slightly, before relaxing herself, She’s probably talking about Minister Gu.

Her mind wandered as she contemplated if she should tell Grandma Sun that Gu QingChen was not her husband…

“Ai yo yo… Young lady, why do you blush immediately when I speak about your husband?” Grandma Sun teased her cheekily before leading her out of the cottage.

“Actually, we…” Princess QingLuan hesitated, not knowing how to describe her situation, or if she should just upright claim that they were both siblings…

“I know, you two aren’t married yet and eloped together right?” Grandma Sun nodded acceptingly before she could complete her sentence.

“What?” She tripped slightly upon hearing Grandma Sun’s words.

“Your husband carried you here yesterday while you were still in that bright scarlet wedding gown and unconscious, but even though he did not explain, I knew instantly that you eloped with him during your wedding day.”

Princess QingLuan: “…” But technically, Gu QingChen DID took her from the supposedly wedding with He YuXiang, so it wasn’t actually a lie…

Grandma Sun took her silence as an agreement, before holding her hand gently and leading her to the well for a quick cleanup.

When Gu QingChen placed the last of the breakfast he prepared on the dining table, he looked up to see her standing under the walkway as she listened quietly to Grandma Sun’s constant chattering.

She was wearing an old and plain dress, which fluttered slightly when the breeze blew past. Her delicate feet were wrapped up in a rough but clean cloth shoes while her silky black hair was tied in a ponytail with a bright blue piece of cloth, while she stood there as elegant as he remembered her to be.

Grandma Sun, who had been chattering non-stop, noticed the handsome Gu QingChen watching their conversation silently near the dining table and chuckled before continuing towards him with her in tow. “Let’s go before the food cools down!”

Princess QingLuan stared at the handsome man for a split second before lowering her eyes and keeping them downcast as her face flushed bright scarlet.

Grandma Sun, on the other hand, stared approvingly at Gu QingChen. He was very handsome, and the quality of his clothes were evidence of his noble status, immediately confirming her guess that these two guests of hers came from a high society. But as for why they would elope and end up in this secluded village, she could not think up a reason, as a villager like her were not exposed to the stress and corruption of living in the high society.

But even so, she could not help but feel warmth towards these two lovebirds, and when she noticed the lack of interaction between the two as they ate their breakfast elegantly and in silence, she automatically assumed that they were both shy and timid.

“Young lady, your husband is really capable, responsible as a man and willingly entering the kitchen,” She chuckled teasingly at Princess QingLuan.
(TNote: Sexism is strong in these sort of societies, where men would insist to never enter a kitchen, as that is a woman’s job. Whereas independent women who wish to go into the business sect/join the military/do anything that would result in them showing their faces outside, were looked down upon and disgraced… So Gu QingChen, a nobleman in grandma Sun’s eyes, was really capable as he made breakfast for QingLuan.)

But before she could finish her words, a cold voice sounded from outside the cottage, “Old lady, shut your nonsense, the young lady beside you is my royal concubine!”

A man dressed in black stood at the entrance of the cottage, his handsome face was cold and grim as he stared at them slyly like a poisonous snake.

Gu QingChen stood up slowly before turning his gaze at Princess QingLuan, “My wife, please wait for me in the living quarters with Grandma Sun!” He said softly, his gentle smile never leaving his face as he stared at her.

Upon listening to Gu QingChen’s words, Yan Gui’s eyes narrowed and darkened dangerously as his overflowing killing intent fixated itself onto Gu QingChen.

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