The Men at Her Feet – Chp 77

Chapter 77: Sudden Change In Atmosphere.

The two men were already battling when Fu SiNian, You HanGuang and Pei JingZhi arrived, so fast that only the vague shade of black and white were noticeable.

With his sword in his hand, Yan Gui’s attacks were forceful and violent, while Gu QingChen, even though he was not wielding a sword, was emitting waves of sword intent which were not the least weaker than Yan Gui’s.

Princess QingLuan stood near the door with Grandma Sun as they watched the two powerful men fought, worried about the outcome.

Upon laying their eyes on their princess, the three men rushed over to her side. Fu SiNian pulled her into an embrace while trying to convince her to leave, “Princess, sword fights are dangerous, please leave this place with us.”

Princess QingLuan glanced at the three man, her eyes wide in surprise as it took her a moment to realize who these three were. Their handsome faces were stained with dirt and sweat while their attires were dirtied to the point that she was unable to differentiate their colors, it was as if these three men fell into a mud pit.

But even so, Fu SiNian, especially, did not look haggard while still emitting a strong and dominating aura. “Hmph, two childish men, still playing the fool and getting jealous at each other at a time like this! What will happen if any of you hurt the princess accidentally?!” He yelled angrily at the battling men before grabbing ahold of Princess QingLuan, intending to escort her to safety.

“Minister Fu, please stop them!” She requested weakly, refusing to leave these men here to destroy Grandma Sun’s residence.

Fu SiNian ignored her entirely, glaring at the two men coldly as his eyes narrowed, not intending to stop the fight.

Princess QingLuan had no choice but to turn her gaze towards You HanGuang, but he grinned brightly at her before refusing her request too, “Princess, it’s better if they fight it out, one less rival for us all.”

Finally, she glanced towards Pei JingZhi but he refused it too before she could even request it of him, “Princess, the mud stains on us were caused by these two men…”

Suddenly, Yan Gui, who had lost focus when the three men went towards Princess QingLuan, took a heavy punch to his shoulders and fell backward, barely managing to steady himself with his sword.

He glanced up at Gu QingChen, his cold eyes turned slightly blue as it flashed dangerously like a flame, only to freeze in shock as their eyes met. Gu QingChen’s eyes too, flashed blue as they stared at him, it was as blue as the deep oceans.

Yan Gui’s snake-like expressions soften and the killing intent disappeared entirely from him as he stared at Gu QingChen in shock, “Big brother, you’re alive! You’re not dead!” He cried out softly as his voice trembled with emotions.

The five on-lookers gaped at each other, confused at the sudden change of atmosphere.

The five men and a princess sat around the dining table within Grandma Sun’s cottage, while Grandma Sun left to prepare some hot water to serve some tea for her quests.

Yan Gui had turned back into his gentle self as he sat elegantly, his lips moved slowly and softly while he told a story.

He was originally the second son of the North, as he had an elder brother called Yan Ning, who was three years older than him. They went out on an adventure when Yan Gui was seven years old, but unfortunately, they were kidnapped by their father’s enemy.

Yan Ning had came up with a plan to let Yan Gui escape, but even though he rushed back home urgently requesting for help, it was already too late as Yan Ning was never found no matter how hard they searched for him.

Their parents became depressed due to this terrible incident, as Yan Ning had always been a clever and promising child, for he was elegant and well-mannered, while Yan Gui had been the mischievous child, always causing trouble and destroying everything in his path. The pain of losing their eldest son caused a huge impact on them physically and mentally.

Meanwhile, Yan Gui was filled with a pang of extreme guilt, hence he began to suppress his own personality and mimicking his elder brother’s behavior, forcefully turning himself into his most respected brother. His parents grew happier too, as they were convinced that Yan Gui maturity was due to the incident.

As time went by, Yan Gui began to feel like he was Yan Ning, while forgetting what he was truly like before, he had successfully became his own brother. But it all ended when he first met Princess QingLuan, as a different personality appeared in his mind, voicing out its thoughts to him.

But Princess QingLuan was ten years old, and when she called out sweetly with her adorable voice, Yan Gui, who had been a sixteen year-old young man, began having sickening thoughts of dominating her. He barely restrained his vicious thought as he could not make himself hurt such a little girl, hence he chose to leave the city.

But after he left and returned to his palace in the north, the newly arise Yan Gui would appear frequently, making it impossible for him to recognize which one was the real him.

“The Yan Gui right now, was just a personality of the gentle Yan Ning, while the vicious Yan Gui was the long-suppressed original personality… But now that Yan Ning was finally found, I believe I will soon disappear,” Gentle Yan Gui turned his gentle gaze towards her before continuing on, “Ah Luan, I feel assured handling you over to Brother Yan Ning!”

Princess QingLuan was frozen in shock as her mind spun at the complicated situation, it was difficult for her to accept the fact that her childhood friend and ex-fiancee did not truly exist…

“How can you confirm that Gu QingChen is your elder brother Yan Ning?” You HanGuang asked curiously.

“Because only the people of my bloodline would have their eyes flashed blue when under extreme excitement or agitation!” Yan Gui explained expressionlessly.

“Oh… or maybe he was a bastard child…” You HanGuang started, but before he could finish his words, Yan Gui slammed his palm hard on the table, leaving behind on long crack.

“My father and mother were madly in love even upon death’s door, my only brother was Yan Ning, and no one else!” Yan Gui snarled in rage.

Everyone turned their gazes upon Gu QingChen, wanting to know his thoughts about the whole situation, only to see him pondering deeply.

“I do not have any memories before the age of ten, and it was Master who saved me from the streets and bestowed upon me the martial skills I currently possess. After that, it was by luck that I became friends with Emperor Gu before becoming his adopted son and finally, a prime minister of his country. I had always thought myself to be an orphan, hence I never thought to seek out my roots, but if it is as Yan Wang mentioned, it’s not too late to check when we get back to the city.”

Yan Gui stared intently at Gu QingChen, “Minister Gu, no matter the outcome, I sincerely wish that you are indeed my elder brother and that if you had not lost your memories, you would’ve found your way home. My only regret now was that our parents never got to meet you one last time before they passed on… So please, if our suspicions are proven, please visit the north and maybe offer your praying to our parents.”

“Furthermore, if it wasn’t for that incident, Princess QingLuan’s fiancee would’ve been you, this is why I have no issue in handling her to you.”

You HanGuang stole a glance at his Fu SiNian’s darkened face, “Eldest senior brother, the king looks up to Minister Gu and with his status recovered, I’m afraid that the princess will end up with him!” He whispered cheekily.

“HanGuang, do not think so highly of others while destroying your own.” Fu SiNian glared at him in retort.

You HanGuang stuck out his tongue towards Fu SiNian before whispering into Princess QingLuan’s ears, “Princess, no matter who you wish to marry, my eldest senior brother or Minister Gu, HanGuang is willing to be your concubine!”
(TNote: Meaning the “mistresses” which will never be the main wife lmfaooo!)

Be it a whisper or not, the entire room heard his words, while Yan Gui stared at him in shock, wondering how could someone so thick-faced even exist…

Pei JingZhi took a sip of tea elegantly, before continuing calmly, “This one, does not require even a position.”
(TNote: meaning he doesn’t even need to be a mistress, as long as he can stay with her omfg)

Everyone: “…” So much for the elegant calmness.

“Stop it! I am not an object where everyone can pass around or compete for! Leave my presence, I need to calm down.”Princess QingLuan cried out loudly as she stood up from her seat, her face red with rage while her voice trembled.

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BIG plot-twist that I didn’t even know… whhhhatttt just happenendedded???!?!

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