The Men at Her Feet – Chp 79

Chapter 79: Keeping Her Safe.

Most people might not believe Xie Zhao’s words, but not Princess QingLuan, as she herself was a reborn… So that was why God gave her a second chance, it was all to assist her in completing her prophecy!

A few days later, the group stepped foot into the capital city. The entire city was decorated with red, as it was the symbol of happiness and prosperity for the princess’s marriage.

Emperor Xie Zhao was extremely happy, not only did the news of his sister marrying six men shook the entire continent, but the wedding gifts he had received, in place of Princess QingLuan, from the nearby countries were so high in numbers that the palace almost ran out of inventory space!

Furthermore, Xie Lang, who had replaced Fu SiNian’s position as the general in charge of the south border defense, managed to secure Country Zhou’s territory without losing a single man due to the political marriage.

As for Princess QingLuan, she was taken away by a group of hand-maidens the moment she stepped into her own residence to be cleaned and dressed up properly in her wedding gown.

“Princess, it’s bad! Prince He’s living quarters is on fire!” An eunuch servant cried out in alarm as soon as she put on her wedding gown.

She stood up in a panic at his cry, knowing that if anything happened to Prince He, Country Zhou would be razed to the ground by the armies of the South and East!

Picking up her long gown, she rushed out of her residence swiftly, almost tripping many times as she accidentally stepped on her dress.

When she reached his residence, He YuXiang was standing outside his room, leaning against the wall lazily with his head lifted towards the sky. He was dressed in a pale blue attire and his long hair was held up neatly with a white-colored jade hairpin while his eyes blinked at her seductively. It was as if he was the main character in a beautiful painting, so striking that no surroundings can ever compare to the slight smile that hanged from his lips.

He turned his head towards her upon hearing her footsteps and made his way towards her gracefully, “Princess wishes to see this prince so urgently?”

He YuXiang smiled at her dazzlingly, she was currently dressed in an extravagant wedding gown, the bright scarlet enhanced her pale and slender figure so perfectly, and because she had been running just moments ago, her reddened cheeks made her all the more alluring.

“Thank goodness you’re fine…” She patted her own chest in relief as she tried to steady her breathing.

Suddenly, she was pushed against the solid wall and his warms lips clamped tightly on hers. His breath felt like the hot spring, sending warm tingles throughout her entire body as he spread apart her lips and explored within curiously. She felt her face burned, but his lips were hotter, like lava, as it burned her passionately.

After what felt like forever, with his lips still clamped onto hers, he grinned slightly at her while his eyes sparkled brightly, “Pretty princess, I assume you’re willingly entering this trap then?” He asked deeply as he stared at her intently.

Princess QingLuan gazed at him in confusion, before checking out her surroundings, only to realize that they were currently at a secluded residence and there were no other people nearby except for He YuXiang. Should I assume that it was all his plan to separate me from my servants?

“We’ll be married soon, surely you’re not thinking of taking me now?” Her nervous words left her lips after moments of hesitation.

He YuXiang grinned lazily, as easy-going as he had always been while he stared at her deeply, “I did not intend to take you now, but I cannot control myself now, after knowing that you care for my safety so much!” He hugged her tightly as he tasted her lush lips once again.

Princess QingLuan: “…” She felt like saluting this shameless man right now and then. How shameless and brave is he to take me during the morning and in the garden of one of the residences within the royal palace!? I will definitely die of shame if anyone finds out, by then it wouldn’t even matter if we were married or not, we’d be disgraced by the entire world…

She pushed against his shoulder gently as her face flushed at the thought, “We’ll be spending the night together tonight, please think twice before acting!” She begged weakly as she stared at him pitifully with her tear-filled eyes, not knowing that her current expression, so innocent but so alluring at the same time, sent a jolt of excitement up his spine.

He took her urgently into his arms before kissing her vigorously, tasting each and every part of her sweet-scented mouth while his tongue teased her occasionally.

Her back leaned against the wall once again as they kissed, before long, she could feel his solid object pushing against the gap between her thighs stubbornly, “Even our wedding room is on fire, this prince thinks that since you’re already here with me, I should keep you safe until the end.”

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