The Men at Her Feet – Chp 80

Chapter 80: Aiming At A Lower Target.

He YuXiang was extremely skilled in kissing, as she felt herself drowning slowly in the warmth he provided. She trembled uncontrollably as she felt the familiar warmth building within her abdomen.

“Mm…” A soft moaned escaped her lips while he carried her towards the man-made hill decoration in the garden. There were stone seats carved on the walls of the hill and he placed her gently on one of the stones was as high as her hips.

Princess QingLuan’s entire body was already weak from the intense kiss they shared just moments ago, and to prevent herself from falling from the stone, she wrapped her arms tightly around his neck to steady herself.

But still, even though her mind was fuzzy from his teasing, somewhere deep inside her, she somehow knew that there was a high chance that this was a ploy played by this man, just to trap her within his grasps.

“Release me… It’s uncomfortable…” She whimpered softly as her brows furrowed deeply together, it was as if she was a confused and lost little deer whimpering in vain towards a starving tiger, intending to convince him to leave.

“It’ll feel comfortable soon,” He YuXiang whispered softly into her ears, chuckling at her adorable and comical expressions, before reaching out his hands to strip her of her gown.

Her gown was quickly stripped off while his eyes were glued immediately towards her two perky mountains that were protruding through her inner-wear. Leaning his head towards them, he kissed them gently through the inner-wear, before suckling and teasing her hardened beans with his warm tongue, sending jolts of burning waves up her body as she felt the warm and soft tongue moving sensually around her chest. His occasional soft bites gave her a numb pain and sent tingles straight into her heart.

His hands moved down her curvy waist, pinching her softly, “Such a slender waist, what shall I do if it breaks into two from my powerful ramming…” He sighed deeply, as if it was his deepest worries.

“N…no… Don’t say that…” She pushed against him softly as her face flushed bright scarlet at his words.

But he seemed extremely engrossed with her slender waist and smooth back, as his palms caressed them all over, “The aphrodisiac from before was my mistake, but I couldn’t control myself back then… It was my first time falling in love… I only had eyes for you and I was desperate for your affection…” He whispered into her ears gently, sighing deeply in regret, “That was very wrong of me, how can such a weak body handle all that aphrodisiac…”

His hands moved towards her exposed abdomen as he spoke, gently spreading apart both of her thighs and taking off her scarlet panties to reveal her drenched softness.

He quickly revealed big huge bulge from its cage and pushing it against her petals, before pulling her towards him by her waist.

“Mmph…” A small cry escaped her trembling lips while her face burned with redness, “Not at this place, take it out first…” She whimpered softly.

He gazed at her beautiful face as she whimpered softly, his heart softened slightly at her expressions, but his shaft, on the other hand, hardened and expanded in size at her feminine whispers. His breathing rapidly increased as he pushed himself deeper into her while her tight walls clamped onto him tightly and painfully, and surprisingly, her uneven walls seemed to be suckling onto him, pulling him deeper and deeper into her.

His initial thoughts were to treat her gently, but his gentleness became his torment as her tight walls tortured him without mercy, as if intending to turn him into a beast.

“En… Y…you… Mm… S…slower… Ah…” She squirmed around as her moans escaped her uncontrollably at his vigorous ramming, intending to awaken him from the seemingly crazed thrusting.

“I’m sorry princess, it’s impossible to slow down the momentum now…” He rasped hoarsely into her ears.

“En… T…then go s…softer… Ah…” She whimpered, deciding that even if she cannot save the entire situation, she might as well aim for a lower target.

“Your insides are too narrow and tight, it hurts a lot if I go slow…” He rasped deeply, before taking her even more violently than before.

Princess QingLuan: “…” That look on your face looked more like extreme ecstasy than pain!!

Such a shameless man!

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