The Men at Her Feet – Chp 81

Chapter 81: Serve You Right To Starve.

With her eyes shut, Princess QingLuan’s brows furrowed deeply together while her cheeks flushed scarlet, “Y…you, are you done yet?” She gasped weakly.

“Loosen up and let me go deeper, then perhaps we can end this quicker!” He YuXiang grinned cheekily at her question.

Innocently wanting him to finish up quickly, Princess QingLuan tried her best to calm down her body while squirming closer to him, hoping that he’ll reach her deeply and be done once and for all, not knowing that she had been tricked into entering a wolf’s lair.

Feeling her walls loosening slightly, He YuXiang’s eyes narrowed dangerously as he slammed into her violently, entering deeply into her warm and welcoming walls. No longer able to restrain his needs, he moved with a crazed like speed and strength while ignoring her trembling and cries while she begged for mercy.

He raised up her reddened face firmly with a hand before clamping his lips onto her trembling ones, silencing her sobs and moans. He bit down on her lush lips softly, suckling passionately as his beast took her other mouth between her thighs.

It was not until her sobbing subsided that he cupped his hands around her butt cheeks and lifted her onto him and buried himself into her deepest parts.

He sighed in pleasure at the sudden tightening of her trembling walls while his hands gripped onto her buttocks urgently as his burning load sprayed into her, as if an earnest gardener spraying nutrients onto his precious flower bed.

Princess QingLuan laid in his arms weakly, gasping for air as she tried to catch her breath. “Pretty princess, was it comfortable, hm?” His husky voice sounded near her ear, while the “hm” at the end sent goosebumps up her spine.

“M…my butt hurts… Let me down…” She sobbed as she finally realized the slyness of this man and the danger of answering his question. She knew that if she answered ‘no’, he would work hard to make her ‘comfortable’, but on the other hand, if she answered ‘yes’, he would still work harder to make her ‘comfortable’…

“Eh? Why is it painful? My palms had stayed on your buttocks the whole time to prevent it from scraping against the wall!” He chuckled deeply before groping her full buttocks cheekily.

In her panic, she pushed him on the chest while escaping his embrace, but her weakened legs were not prepared to support her strength as a jolt of pain spread from her legs the moment it touched the ground.

Her legs gave way and she fell towards the ground swiftly, only to be held steady by her arm before lifting her up onto his back.

Princess QingLuan laid against his warm back in silence as she sulked the whole way back, as her voice were so raspy that she wasn’t even able to rant or give this man a scolding!

He carried her slowly towards her living quarters as the sun sets, having eaten his fill, he began complaining about his pitiful situation, “Princess, here I am alone in a neighboring country with no friends and family… You’re my only family now, and the only one I can depend on…” He began softly, “From now onwards, your home will be my home, and I will follow you wherever you go. You will be my phoenix while I will be your wings, so that I can fly you to anywhere you want to go.”
(TNote: 鸾 Luan is a type of mythical bird which is a close relative of a phoenix, while 羽 Yu means feathers.)

Her heart throbbed slightly at his words, It’s true, it’s not easy for him too, having his home burnt to ashes on his first day here…

But before she could react, a loud and familiar yowled echoed through the entire place, “ASSHOLE, release the princess this instant!”

Princess QingLuan turned her head towards the owner of the voice, only to see Yu HanGuang blocking their way. He was dressed in a bright red groom’s attire while glaring at He YuXiang in rage.

“He YuXiang! No wonder we couldn’t find her anywhere in the palace!” He began angrily, “How can you devour the princess secretly!”

“Hmph! Serve you right to starve!” He YuXiang grinned triumphantly at the raging man in front of him before holding his head up proudly.

You HanGuang felt like punching this terrible man in the face immediately, but he didn’t want to accidentally hurt his princess, “Let her down quickly before I rip off all your feathers! How dare you fly her away secretly today, this general will turn you into a pair of braised chicken wings!” Resorting to release his anger verbally, You HanGuang screamed in rage at the shameless man in front of him.

“Princess, hold onto me tightly, let’s leave now!” Not wanting to waste his time listening to the rantings of another man, He YuXiang steadied her carefully before jumping onto the roof of the nearby building.

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