The Men at Her Feet – Chp 82 (End)

Chapter 82: Everything Is Wonderful. (End)

Every woman would at one point in her life, imagine the scenes of her own unique wedding, as it was a one time thing that would stay in her memories forever. Princess QingLuan was no exception.

She looked forward to her own wedding, even though this lifetime was unforgettable, she hoped that she would not endure the same thing in her next life…

Days ago, when He YuXiang flew handsomely over the rooftop with her on his back, screams of admiration could be heard from the palace servants no matter where they went.

Though they were still stopped by the relentless You HanGuang, who immediately attacked He YuXiang the moment she was placed safety on the ground.

Fu SiNian and Pei JingZhi arrived soon and joined into the one on one fight, quickly turning it into a three on one fight.

The three men were actually still filled in rage from the events that happened, where He YuXiang, taking advantage of his family and parent’s authority and power, forced a political marriage proposal upon their princess. What was even more annoying was that Country Zhou could not even reject the proposal because it that was to happen, Country Zhou might not even exist in the future. And in their anger, they were definitely not going easy on He YuXiang, as they intended to release their pent up anger and stress.

Yan Gui, who couldn’t bear to see the three shameless men ganging up on one person, joined in the fight immediately, taking He YuXiang’s side and intending to assist him in retaliating to the attacks from the three men.

It was obvious that the fight would not be ending any time soon, and it was not until Gu QingChen lead the royal guards to this place that the fighting men separated unwillingly from the intense duel.

Causing even someone as powerful as Gu QingChen, who had stepped into the fight to in order to stop it, to be slightly injured, while the other five men all were all similarly injured and equally dirtied.

Emperor Xie Zhao, knowing that if he doesn’t solve this problem soon, the entire wedding would be ruined, decided to just slap on the wedding head scarf onto all six men and send them on their way to exchange the marriage vows with Princess QingLuan.

Princess QingLuan throughout the entire commotion: “…”

But it was not all horrible, because it was agreed that her body needed a lot of rests to recover, she had finally earned a relaxing wedding night, where she did not have to worry about bedding any men.

Princess QingLuan was also relieved that the men, now her six consorts, seemed to co-exist somewhat peacefully… At least there was not a single fight outbreak ever since all of them became her husbands…

Years later, Princess QingLuan was already filled with a big and wonderful family, her children were many and though they took up a lot of her time just like how their fathers did, she was happy. Most of all, she was truly glad that the men became a lot more mature and responsible after becoming a father.

One sunny day, when she was taking a walk through her residence, Princess QingLuan decided to visit her daughter’s room. After entering her room, she found a curious novel on top of her daughter’s table, and after flipping through the book, she realized that it was the exact story that her brother, Xie Zhao, had told her in order to convince her of the prophecy.

She had spent years wondering if it had all been a lie, as there was no proof that what he said was true.After reading through this book, she realized that there were many arcs to the novel.

All of the previous arcs were filled with women of different names, who were all foretold to be a very powerful goddess from the heavens. In each arc of the story, all of the women would encounter seven men, which would be known as The Big Dipper, and the main character of each arc would encounter a similar situation, finally causing her to end up with all seven men.

And to her shock, the latest arc was filled with her names and the name of her husbands, the book had everything written down, from how it all started to how it all ended. It was accurate to the brim.

Her eyes widened in shock as she tried to flip towards the back, only to find the words blurring and jumbling up together before she could read anything. Finally, the entire book would explode silently into a handful of golden dusts which hovered in midair a few seconds before forming into a set of words, and finally disappearing entirely in a big poof.

“The secrets of the future shall not be revealed easily.”

Her eyes widened in awe as she stared the the disappeared warning, at this exact moment, she realized that the stories she had read just moments ago could’ve been her previous lives!

“Mother, why are you in a daze?” A little voice sounded up adorably nearby as her daughter pounced cheekily into her arms.

“Mother is thinking what man my little princess should marry next time.” Princess QingLuan giggled softly as she poked her daughter’s little nose.

“Mother, I hope my future husband would be a gentleman, he needs to be a caring, absolutely heads over heels for me, obedient and listens to my request, never talks back to me or hits me, and most of all, he needs to be here by my side whenever I need him the most…” Her little daughter began listing out a list of requirements for her future consort.

Princess QingLuan silently prayed for her little daughter’s future, as the man she wanted sounded exactly like the cannon fodder in the love stories her brother used to read, a man like that would usually be used by the main character only to be thrown when she finds her prince…

But still, if she could, she would choose a man like this too, but regretfully, she had not met someone like this.

Princess QingLuan pondered for a moment before a grin spread over her face. No human can ever predict the future, or choose who to meet or not to meet in their many lifetimes, so what’s important is to just live your current life to the fullest.

As for the issues in my next life, I’ll deal with it when I reached my next life.

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    1. The fiancé had a second personality that disappeared after his brother (prime minister) was found.

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