The Men at Her Feet – Chp 9

Chapter 9: Treading Dangerous Cliffs For Their Amazing View.

Princess QingLuan was confused, she had opened her mouth to speak only to have her words eaten by Fu SiNian. Sensing her still agape mouth, he stuck his tongue in, tasting every corner of her mouth.

He released her only when she was almost out of breathe. He stared at her delicious puffy lips as she gasped for air.

He sat up a little and looked down on her condescendingly, judging her appearance. She was still lying underneath him, facing up. Her once beautiful scarlet gown was now teared in many places, places where women of this age of time should never show it to other than their husband. He glanced through all the revealed placed, one of her buns were almost revealed, her slender waist was only half covered, there wasn’t enough cloth to cover her long white thighs too. It was such a good view, life was good.

Fu SiNian felt a sudden hostility before could memorize each and every part of the perfect view. Princess QingLuan had tried to knee him in his parts with her unrestrained leg while he was in the clouds, drunken with the view.

Being a well trained martial artist, he reacted instantly and grabbed her leg just in time. Hence started a round of wrestling on her bed.

QingLuan, who was not a martial artist, wasn’t able to hurt him at all. Fu SiNian, on the other hand, not wanting to hurt his princess, was showing extreme mercy. He would tear off a piece of her clothing after every round. The rest of her scarlet gown quickly became undone, scraps of scarlet cloth falling to the ground every time she missed an attack.

At last, he tore off her inner-wear, while she hugged her chest in a panic and ran towards her bed, trying to hide inside some covers.

“Why are you hiding?” He laughed cheerfully, “Which part of your body have I not seen?”

“Minister, we shouldn’t be doing this a second time, you know it’s wrong,” She replied skittishly, face flushing like a beetroot.

“What’s the difference between one wrong and two wrongs?” He growled hungrily as he pounced on the wiggling body under the sheets.

What horrible theory is this? She thought as he took her lips with force.

She could feel his body warmth throughout her body as he kissed her, she felt herself warming up as he teased the inside of the mouth once again. He gave her a glance before leaning down to slowly nibble on one of her aroused bean while his callus-filled hand fondled the other.

Scarlet began forming on her pearl white body as the dim moonlight shone through the half-closed window.

Her well protected and lush oasis was being violated as his beast forcefully entered the gap in her thighs. Rubbing against her petal lips everytime he pulled back. She cursed herself for having such a sensitive body as she felt the dampness flowed past her thighs

He stared at the body underneath him as she frowned beautifully, he gulped as he felt his beast grow, with a big hmph, the beast enter her.

He held his head high and clenched his eyes shut as he felt her wrapping tightly around him. This was it, this was what he had thought every night, resulting in sleepless nights for many days.

He glanced down, urgently needing to know her reaction to him. The woman beneath him had her eyes clenched shut, a beautiful frown formed on her forehead as her laid her head to the side. Her face was bright red and she was nibbling on her finger, as if she had accepted her fate.

To Fu SiNian, this triggered him more than any aphrodisiac could ever do so. He could feel his blood rising up to his head and he started to ram uncontrollably.

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