The Men at Her Feet – Extra 1

Extra 1: After Marriage Series – Introduction.

In normal cases, newly-weds would usually be awfully clingy towards each other and the sweet flirting would usually be hated by on-lookers.

But not for Princess QingLuan, as her after marriage lives were absolutely indescribable.

Her six husbands, all of them strong martial artists, had too much strength and stamina within them, and they rarely contain or hide their desperate need for her love.

Which is why after only a mere one month, Princess QingLuan was extremely weakened and tired from being bedded at least once everyday.

Running out of ideas to avoid her crazily strong group of gigolos, Princess QingLuan escaped towards her brother’s palace in the early morning to escape the grasps of her men.

“Big sister, shall I give you the command to pray for our country at the temple on the top of the mountain nearby?” Xie Zhao pondered about his sister’s issues while asking for her opinions.

“But our country is peaceful and prosperous, what is there to pray for?” Princess QingLuan asked worriedly.

“Do not worry, no single human would complain about excessive luck. We could just let the country know that you’ll be praying for the health and prosperity of the entire country!”

Princess QingLuan nodded slowly after thinking through her options.

When she returned to her own residence in the evening, she gathered up her men and told them about the news.

“This princess would take a short holiday in that mountain temple to pray for every citizen’s health and prosperity. During my time there, I will survive entirely without meat, physically or sexually, as the temple is the most sacred place…” She began nervously as she paid attention to everyone’s facial expressions, “Furthermore, please do not visit me and take this time to rest up your bodies and health and finally, wait for my return.”

To her surprise and relief, all six men were very supportive of her decision, and she left the place quickly with her hand-maidens in tow, intending to pack up her things and leave this tiring place as soon as possible.

Entirely missing out the dreamy look on all of the men’s faces as they grinned at each other subtly while gazing at her leaving figure.

Translator’s Note:
Introduction to the extras!

And my bad entirely… I think the extras are about her after marriage sexual adventures, while the one I mentioned (kids and respectful husbands) were the ending in chapter 82 πŸ™

Please enjoy!

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  1. I think no one would complain of the honest mix up, in fact what’s TMAHF without some snu snu adventures πŸ˜‰πŸ€£

  2. Im just realise its ending .. u know when i see bfre i thnk im dreaming .. its already over 80 chp .. i thnk its 60 somthng.. silly me .. thnks for the chap .. please look story ” gone astray” its good .. thnks fr hardwork

  3. Wow smoggy! You’ve work so hard on this i cant believe that it already ended so fast! Thanks for your hard work! γƒΎ(ΰΉ‘β‰§βˆ‡β‰¦)οΎ‰οΎžβ™₯❀

  4. Thank you, Smoggy!

    LOL, that bunch is most definitely up to something. I’m not surprised she’s trying to escape from it for a bit.

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