The Men at Her Feet – Extra 2

Extra 2: After Marriage Series – Pounced.

At the top of the tall mountain lays a beautiful temple shrouded in clouds and mist, making it seem like the heavens where the gods live.

The monks, who had spent their entire lives serving the temple, rushed around busily as they prepared for the arrival of the princess, cleaning up her room nicely and setting out exquisite desserts and tea before gathering up everyone to welcome her at the entrance.

To their surprise, Princess QingLuan was not as aloof as they had thought, for she was kind and gentle, with no traces of the arrogance usually seen in nobles and royalties. To their surprise, the princess had even requested that they view her as their own and allow her to mimic their traditions in terms of attire and food.

The young female monks had all taken a liking to this graceful and elegant princess, but what they love most about her were her clear eyes, which were overflowing with sincerity and kindness.

She was exactly like the summer wind, bringing warmth and comfort to everyone near her.

Princess QingLuan spent her days in the temple peacefully like the monks, living a simple and clean life. As days past, her six husbands began fading from her mind, and she had entirely forgotten about her husbands entirely!

She ate her simply prepared rice with some vegetables and tea, it was unlike the glamorous meal she was used to from the palace, but this slow life somewhat calms her down and she felt entirely at peace with herself.

Meanwhile, the men she had left behind in her residence, were all starving in desperation after their lovely wife escaped to live a clean life. Even though their faces don’t show it, they were all making plans in the dark to meet with their lovely wife.

As night fell, as Princess QingLuan was spending her slow evening drawing the beautiful scenery of the mountain, her actions fell into the eyes of Minister Fu, who had visited the temple in secret.

He had, in fact, rushed over to her residence the moment he reached, but was held mesmerized by the beauty of her focusing on her drawing. He had not known that she was skilled in illustrations, but it wasn’t that she had hid this information from him, it was mainly because of the fact that she had never been given a chance, or the strength, to showcase her skills when faced with these men.

The candle glowed dimly against her pale skin as her hair flowed loosely on her back, her face was clean of any decorations and she had no jewelry on any parts of her… But the simpleness did not lessen her beauty, in fact, it had somewhat enhanced her elegant posture and gave her the feel of an unreachable angel.

Fu SiNian, who had never before seen her like this, froze in a daze as he stared at her silently. A sudden thought flashed through his mind, where he would press her against the praying cushion right underneath the statue of the buddha and tear off her simple garments easily before kissing through her neck and pinching her round and full buttocks that he missed dearly. He would strip her fully and expose her secret parts, holding her down and preventing her from escaping before entering her with his starving shaft. He would fill her walls fully and remind her of his love, he would make her little lush monk lips squeal and moan uncontrollably as lust and bliss fill her to the brim.

His fantasy ended abruptly at the sudden pain from his crotch, and with a growl, he pushed open her door urgently, allowing a wave of the night chilly wind to enter before making his way towards the unassuming princess.

Princess QingLuan, who had been entirely focused on her drawing, jumped in a shock as she heard footsteps in her room, accidentally knocking into the hanging candle stand while the dim light danced on her smooth skin.

The dim light lit up her forehead and her ears in a coat of red, while her round almond eyes danced with the reflection of the flame, she looked exactly like a mussel, so clean and empty, that could be eaten immediately right after a slight dip in some soy sauce.

Before Princess QingLuan could question his intentions, Fu SiNian narrowed his eyes dangerously at her like a starving wolf while shutting the door with a huge bang, before pouncing towards her direction suddenly.

Ahhhh! My Minister Fu pounced on me!

Translator’s Note:
She got pounced by a starving wolf omg RIP princess.

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  1. Her husbands wont be able to leave her alone…I still dont get the title; none of them are at her feet…poor girl 😅

    Thanks for the update!

  2. Even if her husbands stayed at home instead went to the temple, i think its not a really good idea left the wolves starving🤔🤔

    Btw who is the main husband?

    1. It was supposed to be the last one who parents demanded he be first so not to be bullied but he set his place on fire and rushed the wedding with all six men so…..

  3. Thank you for the extra!

    Hehehe, she was literally pounced on. She even forgets about her hubbies which was a huge miscalculation on her part. Lmao, we know how insatiable that lot is.

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